Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Wedding Ring

After months of searching... finally we got our wedding ring at MY DIAMOND... although it is not a very expensive rings... but my gf and I like it very much.... We are getting marry on this November...

Get Smart -Trailer-

Watched Get Smart with my gf at TGV Kinta City this afternoon. It is a very funny James Bond type movie that really make us laugh... If you need a laugh... this is it....

Wanted The movie -trailer-

Plan to watch this movie Wanted by angelina jolie...
she can drive a viper with her legs...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kungfu Panda

I watched Kungfu Panda (cantonese version) yesterday noon with my gf at TGV. It was really funny... Recommended for everyone.... It breaks Msia Cartoon Movie records only 10days of showing....
Trailer - Cantonese Version

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dinner at Citrus with colleagues

Some big big guy from our US HQ come to visit us two week ago. Before they left yesterday we had dinner with them and some other colleagues at Citrus on Tuesday night.
This is the second time I'm here since few years ago. We had good food and drinks that night.
One of our director help us to order some appetizers.
Appetizer with wild mushroom

Another appetizer

Vegetable appetizer

My main course - 3 way Lamb (RM55)

My colleague main course - Three King (Unagi, scarlet's, cod fish) RM55

Hoegaarden Beer no.1 (8.5% Alcohol)

Dessert (Tiramisu)

Dessert (chocolate cake?)

Hoegaarden Beer no.2 (4.5% Alcohol)

The company spend RM2.5k for 20 persons. Not too bad I think.

Proton Iswara Body Mod (In my company)

It's been a busy week for me as I didn't update my blog for a week I think... here are something to share...
I'm driving a Proton Iswara and not really like the outlook of the original car... One day I saw a eye catching Iswara in my company's parking lot.... The body kit is quite nice man.... It have an Evo bonnet, open fender, nice front side and rear bumper too.... looks like monster Iswara already... However I donno who is the guy that own this car... For me it looks gorgeous...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

AP extend again and again

Really want to screw the government about this stupid AP thingy.... no chance to buy any import car just to protect their lousy proton car....
Read the rest from

The government’s flip-flop policies continue with the recent announcement that it would not go ahead with the abolishment of APs by 2010, instead giving the notorious AP system an extended lifetime that will last the next 10 to 11 years at least.
“A decision has been made and we are not changing it. We are keeping the AP system to prepare present traders for a time when there were no more APs, so that they would be able to stand on their own without relying on APs anymore,” explained Minister of International Trade and Industry Muhyiddin Yassin.
He added that MITI would be hiring consultants to evaluate the performance of AP holders over the past 20 years, but from the way he said it, it seems that it is purely for the government’s knowledge on whether “the companies have achieved good results more than just selling and producing vehicles.” There is no mention of punishment for AP holders who become nothing more than middle-men, flogging them off for obscene amounts of cash.
But when the 10 to 11 year period ends, the minister mentioned anyone will be able to bring in any car they want. Of course, the value of his assurance is pretty much next to nothing in these flip flop times.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

SX4 WRC Version in Germany

Info from
500 units of SX4 WRC Version launch in Germany.
The Suzuki SX4 WRC Edition features a bodykit, rally-ish decal stickers, rally-ish 16inch wheels wrapped with 205/60R16 tyres, and a mesh grille. On the inside you get carbon-lookalike trim, a leather shift knob, and keyless entry and start.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Pink colored Suzuki Swift

Pink colored Suzuki Swift from China. I think it is cute and going attract more lady to buy it.

But Malaysia don't have this color wo....

Suzuki Swift Scissors Door

Suzuki Swift Scissors Door.
Personally i not really like scissors door on the car.... unless it is a Lamboghini...hahaha...

Angel eye and LED tail light for Suzuki Swift

Just to put some photos on the item mention above.... It's made in Taiwan... not too bad

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrol price hike in Malaysia

After the petrol price hike news; i rush to fill up my tank yesterday 6.30pm.
This is the first time i saw so many cars filling up at petrol station.

Arriving at the petrol station; luckily not too bad i think.

Still waiting to get into the station; cars already jam up the opposite road too.

Almost got my turn; happy man after 30min of waiting; it saves me about RM2X from filling up tomorrow.