Friday, September 30, 2011

Kenny's Suzuki Swift Sport Turbo

My friend - Kenny had turbocharged his ride.... currently running at 200whp with 23kgcm of torque at 0.7bar.
I had test drive his turbo Swift Sport and it was soooooo dam nice.... the boost came in around 3000rpm and you can feel the pull soooo much.... Love the power so much....
 Work in progress at CM Motorsports @ Ipoh
 Extractor is out
 Still in progress
 The turbo manifold
 Almost done
 Downpipe and Intercooler piping
 The new engine bay
 Nicely done
 New rubbers - Dunlop Star Spec
 Catching eye intercooler
 The dyno graph

Friday, September 23, 2011

Random photos of Suzuki Swift

Random photos of Suzuki Swift
Nice CF Hood
 Customize door panel
 TM Square Bodykit

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tire changed - Michelin Pilot Sport 3

Got my tires changed yesterday at Michelin Tire shop opposite Tesco Ipoh.
I bought a used set of Advan Neova AD07 and went to Dato Sagor Circuit track day with my friends on last Sunday. I had lot of fun with AD07 and really satisfy with the grip of the Neova during the track day.
After the track day the front side of the tires has been worn out and the rubber surface already tear out too.
Rubber surface already tear out while still left about 2mm on the grooves
My Swift original tires are Bridgestone Potenza RE080 and it served me well even I track it once last year. Although the groove still have few mm before the safety mark I decided to get a set of new tires instead of putting it back. I had done 40k km on the RE080 and it still looks great.
My new tires Michelin Pilot Sport 3
195/55/R15 85V Treadwear 320 Traction AA Temperature A
 The grooves design
I got it at a price of RM280 a pcs in Ipoh which I think it was still reasonable.
After 20km of driving on the new PS3 on dry and wet road; the noticeable feeling is the tires is very quite.
From the review the PS3 got some good comment for the grip during dry and wet surface road.
I think it is a relative good daily driving tires.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


12/09/11 – The sporty, exciting new Swift Sport is the highlight of the Suzuki line up at the 64th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.
The Swift Sport is the performance flagship of the Swift model range and offers higher levels of tuning, steering and braking performance than the standard Swift on which it’s based. The previous model first went into production in Japan in 2005 and in Hungary in 2006. The sporting experience and everyday practicality have earned many devoted fans in approximately 40 countries and territories around the world.
The new Swift Sport has the same DNA as its predecessor, but reflects the concept of developing a refined sport compact from the new Swift that Suzuki launched in the UK last Autumn. Befitting its status as the new performance flagship of the Swift model range, it reflects the pursuit of even better handling, driving performance, environmental compatibility and an uncompromising focus on quality. Overall, it offers a rewarding experience of Suzuki’s sporting DNA.
Suzuki plans to launch the new Swift Sport in a growing number of countries, beginning this October, with sales launch in the UK from early next year.
The new Swift Sport’s exterior design reflects the model’s evolution towards a more sporting look. The ground-hugging form gives a sense of stability, the large front grille hints at the performance within and is flanked by big, distinctive finned fog lamp bezels that add even more sporting character.
Aerodynamic parts exclusive to the new Swift Sport control the airflow, suppress lift and give the car a lower visual centre of gravity. Newly developed high-intensity discharge headlamps with a metallic-grey coating as well as new design rear combination lamps heighten the sense of dynamism expressed by the exterior design.
Sporty and refined Interior
Sporty, exclusive design features in the new Swift Sport’s cabin heighten the driving pleasure and a high-quality look and feel generates pleasure of ownership with new design sport seats in an exclusive fabric together with a five-dial meter cluster that combines easy legibility with an uncluttered look.
Dimensions [Compact for nimbleness] 
The new Swift Sport’s strong presence belies compact dimensions that make it exceptionally nimble. Wide treads and a short wheelbase (key characteristics of the Swift series) combine with chassis systems that include an exclusively designed rear suspension to ensure brisk handling and outstanding high-speed stability. The new Swift Sport has an overall length of 3,890mm, an overall width of 1,695mm, an overall height of 1,510mm, and a wheelbase of 2,430mm.
• Exclusively tuned handling for the Swift Sport
• Swift Sport-exclusive M16A engine offering more power and fuel economy
• Specially designed six-speed manual transmission
Handling [Exclusively tuned chassis for Swift Sport]
Since the new Swift Sport is the performance flagship of the Swift series, Suzuki pursued higher levels of chassis performance, achieving an exceptional balance of controllability and stability.
Greater toe and camber rigidity for the torsion beam, greater lateral rigidity in the torsion-beam bushings, and larger rear wheel bearings enhance stability at the rear under hard cornering. Increased spring rates for the front and rear coil springs and added rebound springs in the front struts significantly contribute to stability by providing greater roll stiffness. Modifications to the steering-gearbox member, suspension-frame member as well as larger front wheel bearings all boost yaw response, resulting in handling that has evolved even further from that of the previous Swift Sport.
The new Swift Sport’s M16A engine is based on that of the previous model. Thanks to the addition of a variable intake system, optimisation of the intake VVT and increased valve lift, maximum output is up from 92kW in the previous Swift Sport to an impressive 100kW with the new model. Maximum torque is up from 148Nm to 160Nm. As a result, the driver can enjoy superb performance across the rev range. The engine’s high output is combined with improved fuel economy; CO2 emissions are down around 11 per cent from 165g/km to 147g/km and a revised exhaust system yields a sportier note.
Key performance data
New Swift Sport Previous Swift Sport
Maximum output 100kW/6,900rpm 92kW/6,800rpm
Maximum torque 160N•m/4,400rpm 148Nm/4,800rpm
Fuel consumption* 44.1mpg 39.8mpg
CO2 emissions* 147g/km 165g/km
*The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions shown above are combined figures based on the new Swift Sport (Euro 5 standard formula for a vehicle with two-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission) and previous Swift Sport (Euro 4 standard formula for a vehicle with two-wheel drive and a five-speed manual transmission).
Transmission [Designed for sporty, fuel-efficient driving]
The new Swift Sport’s manual transmission was developed specifically to take full advantage of the M16A engine’s performance. The use of six gears (up from five in the previous Swift Sport) allows sporty driving combined with fuel economy. A triple-cone synchromesh for first and second gears permits lower shift effort and a larger counterweight at the transmission end of the shift lever yields a sporty shift action that is now lighter and more positive.
Wheels and tyres [Exclusive 17-inch designs]
Exclusive 17-inch aluminium-alloy wheels are standard on the new Swift Sport. They have a sharp, exquisite design and are produced in such a way that they are each about 1kg lighter than those of the previous Swift Sport. The tyre sizes are 195/45R17 and have been developed specifically for the new Swift Sport.
Safety [Newly evolved protection]
• Comprehensive range of safety equipment
• Seven airbags as standard equipment
• ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) as standard equipment
The new Swift Sport represents an evolution in terms of safety. Comprehensive safety technologies mean it offers the same control and peace of mind as the new Swift, which earned a five-star rating in the European New Car Assessment Programme.
Extensive use of high-tensile steel and computerised structural analysis keep the body light while promoting safety, There are seven airbags (including curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag), and the pillars incorporate shock-absorbing materials that soften any contact with occupants’ heads.
Suzuki took a multifaceted approach to achieve higher levels of active safety. As a result, ESP®* and an antilock braking system with electronic braking-force distribution are standard equipment.
*Note: ESP is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.

2011 Supercars quarter miles drag race

2011 Supercars quarter miles drag race

Drive by video on Dato Sagor Circuit

This is our drive by video on Dato Sagor Circuit.
First is Andrew's HKS turbo swift sport; follow by Kenny and me....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dato Sagor Circuit Track Day with 4G1S Club

Me and 2 SCM friends of mine join the Dato Sagor Circuit Track Day with 4G1S Club on last Sunday.
It was a really fun day and we enjoy the track day very much.
This time the only upgrade done from last year track day was Boss's 目 cold air intake, Advanti Sport rims and a used set of AD07 tires.

Here are some photos during the track day...
After dim sum breakfast we headed to Esso Petrol station
 Andrew checking the tire pressure
 Started our journey to Kg Gajah, it was raining lightly along the way
Our supporter M7 Swift Sport - Meng from KL
 Kenny's sweat ride equip with AD08
 Andrew's HKS Turbo Swift Sport equip with T1R
 My ride equip with AD07
 HKS Turbokit inside
 HKS Intake kit inside
 Greddy infometer and shadow throttle controller
 Mini race of the powerful rides
 Turbo SSS leading the starting lap
 My ride in action
 T1R after the track day
 I trash the AD07 too - Kenny's AD08 become slick tires :P
 Time to head home