Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SCM Member's Supercharged Swift Sport

One of our Swift Club Malaysia member's supercharged Suzuki Swift Sport.
The SC Swift Sport running at 200whp with lot's of goodies...
I was inform not to reveal it so I only can post a few photos of it only...
Supercharged Swift Sport with Suzuki Sport Intake with some special mods
Rotrex Supercharger
 Special mod - Sequential shifter
 Special feature another member's ride
Normal Swift with Boss Intake System similar like mine
 Sard bubble tank

Lunch at Fong Lye Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Went to lunch with my wife at Fong Lye Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid last Sunday.
This is another Taiwan's restaurant apart from Xian Ding Wei which we visited last year.
They offer many variety of set meal and we ordered Fried Sliced Beef with Green Onion in Claypot set meal and BBQ Pork set meal.
The food was tasty and worth a second visit...
Fried Sliced Beef with Green Onion in Claypot set meal - RM19.80

 BBQ Pork set meal - RM19.80
 Mince Pork with rice
 Fried sliced Beef in claypot
 BBQ Pork
 Side dishes
 Kimchi - Not really like it as it ruin the BBQ pork taste

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

SWK Rear Anti Roll Bar

SWK Rear Anti Roll Bar

Used 205/50/16 RE002 for sale @ Klang

Helping a friend of mine to sell his very new used Bridgestone Potenza RE002
Below is his WTS post in FB.

Bridgestone Potenza RE002 tyres for sale 205/50/16! One set = 4! Only used 4 days, minimum travelling now as i wanna let it go. 1600 Nego! Ultra High Performance tyres! Was using toyo T1R before n i must say RE002 wins hands down! Looking for very quick sale! im downgrading to 15". Brand new selling at 460 each. can call shops at klang kapar to verify. Interested pls call me at 017 222 1377 Calvin.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vibration noise on my Swift

My Swift is having some vibration noise around bottom of the car especially during Air-con kick-in for the past few weeks...
The noise came out during the engine around 800+rpm
This morning I found the culprit and got it fixed for free... it is due to a loose bolt on the CAT converter to the holder.
I thought this is the culprit at first as I tried to push it with a rod and the noise is gone
This is the culprit - The bolt was loose and after tighten it... no more noise... yeah...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Details on TM Square Intake box

Some details on TM Square Intake box

RRP Reinforced Rear Upper Bush

This item is a reinforced product for a rear damper upper bush.
When users change a damper kit, they use the stock upper rubber and we found many cases of rubber exhausted with aging. RRP Reinforced Rear Upper Bush is designed for stable cornering when driving without any twisted in corner. We adopted the urethane rubber solidity.
Even you choose the high performance dampers, but it won’t perform well if the rear bush was a poor quality. RRP Reinforced Rear Upper Bush is developed for the users if the stock rubber is already degradation or for a user aiming the high performance pulling the damper character.
The shape is as same as the stock rubber so you can change our bush simply without any processing.
We also accept a custom made size for the usage of special rear damper upper shaft collar with additional fee of 2,000 JPY
The stock size : 14mm
Custom made size : 16mm, 17mm and 18mm
RRP Reinforced Rear Upper Bush
10,500 JPY 
Fit :
ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC31S and ZC71S (using the stock rear upper rubber)

RRP Super Racing Forged Low Compression Piston Kit

RRP Super Racing Forged Low Compression Piston Kit is for M16 engine to obtain the high performance. The racing piston is characterized by refined shape and high endurance designed for charged system, and furthermore, aimed the lightweight as possible. The specification of this product is to correspond for high rev and high boost pressure.
1. The design of piston is as same shape as adopted with the racing engine like GT race.
2. Manufactured by the selected material of forged aluminum for strength
3. Withstand the shape for high boost pressure designed for charged engine.
4. The bore size is 81mm aimed for bore up
5. 81 x 83mm when fitted 1,710cc
6. Compression rate : 9.0 to 9.1

Kit details
1. piston x 4pcs
2. piston ring set x 4 sets
3. piston pin x 4pcs
4. piston pin C ring x 4pcs
RRP Super Racing Forged Low Compression Piston Kit
136,500 JPY
Fit : ZC31S for Racing spec car
This item is required the cylinder processing.

RRP Reinforced Radiator Hose

RRP Reinforced Radiator Hose
This product of radiator hose is made from the reinforced silicon which is superior for pressure resistance and durability to ensure the safety with prevent from crushed hose shape with the effect of cooling deterioration.
The structure of hose has 3 layers and has 50% upper effect for durability.
The shape of hose is as same as the stock hose so you can change RRP Reinforced Radiator Hose easily.
The color of hose is R’s blue and decorates inside the engine bay.
RRP Reinforced Radiator Hose (Fit : Swift ZC31, ZC21 and ZC11)

14,700 JPY

RRP Racing Connecting Rod

RRP Racing Connecting Rod

We have designed and developed the reinforced connecting rod for Suzuki Swift M16 engine. This part is turning at the harsh conditions of the engine parts and being required to afford sufficient strength.
So we have designed RRP Racing Connecting Rod to raise up the strength, light weight and response up and will correspond more than 300ps for the strength.
So you can use our RRP Racing Connecting Rod in safe and in relief.
1.precise forged product
2.ultra light weight
3.adopted H cross section type to raise the strength
4.Using ARP200 for connecting bolt

RRP Racing Connecting Rod (4pcs in set for 1 car)

98,700 JPY
Fit : Swift Sport ZC31S M16

R's Racing Oil Pan Guard - Coming Soon

R's Racing Oil Pan Guard - Coming Soon
Suitable for manual transmission only.