Monday, March 30, 2009

Takara Tomy - Suzuki Swift Sport

Bought this Takara Tomy's Suzuki Swift Sport from Jusco yesterday.
I really like this cute little die cast car :
This appeared to be the second last unit from Jaya Jusco Ipoh.
I'm still looking for a rally version of Swift Sport by Takara Tomy; hope my brother can get it from Singapore too.
Picture take by phone was not really clear.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First race of Formula 1

Just able to watch the ending part of the 1st F1 grand prix of 2009 as I need to company my friend for shopping.

The race was no more dominate by big teams like Ferrari or McLaren.

New team Brawn GP which managed by Ross Brawn made the team finish One-Two of the first race of F1.

Bravo to Brawn GP team.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Police Highway Eagle - Evo10

When you are travelling 200kph on highway... be sure to check out whether our Police Highway Eagle is at your back or not?
You need a bigger turbo to out run this Eagle too.

Friday, March 20, 2009

KL Drift by Manjung1

Found this edited video clip of KL Drift from youtube.
Nice work by Manjung1
Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Waja BMW Evo hybrid spotted in my company part2

If you read my previous blog on a Waja BMW Evo spotted in my company ; there is an update on the car right now. I heard the car had an accident and make over the front part of the car.
Now the bonnet and grill are made of one piece I belive and the bumper had change to original Waja bumper.

Wanna thanks Vince for the photos.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Suzuki Swift Sport Anniversary Edition

From Autoguide

While Suzuki’s Geneva Auto Show press conference concentrated on the launch of the new Alto model, we spotted another premiere that we’d much rather have.
It’s no supercar (this is Suzuki after all) but it’s one hot-hatch - the Swift Sport Anniversary Edition. Made to celebrate the company’s 100 years in existence, the Swift Sport is a little 125hp four-cylinder model that may not have all the power you want but it certainly has the looks.
The Swift Sport gets a complete aero kit with an aggressive front end, side skirts, an intricate rear bumper with two exhaust pipes and a roof spoiler. The most obvious feature, however, are the 18-inch wheels, coated in 215/35/18 Yokohama rubber. The inside is also as surprisingly nice as the outside, with dark black plastic, some nice faux-aluminum trim and even black and red cloth seats with some nice red stitching.
It is available only with a five-speed manual transmission and comes standard with ABS and stability control. This specific model is only offered in Switzerland, with a rather significant asking price of 33,925 Swiss Francs (roughly $29,000… that’s almost double the price of a standard Swift).
Now if only Suzuki would bring cars like this to the U.S.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Air Intake Mod for Suzuki Swift

Here are some air intake modification for Suzuki Swift.
My favourite will be TryForce Intake kit as it still make use half of the original intake box design and it give more Torque and HP with dyno proven data too.

HKS Kansai Carbon Air Box Kit

HKS Suction Kit Reloaded
Monster PFX400 Kit
Simota Carbon Charger Kit
Simota Carbon Short RAM
Simota Drop In
Suzuki Sport Intake via Fog Light hole
Suzuki Sport Power Filter

Suzuki Sport Induction Box
Suzuki Sport Air Funnel
Trust - Greddy Airinx B-Type
TryForce Carbon Intake Kit

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fiat Multiair technology

Fiat has revealed a new engine technology called the MultiAir technology which significantly reduces emissions, while improving fuel economy and power delivery. This rather complicated electro-hydraulic variable valve actuation technology is implemented to the intake system. A piston is connected to the intake valve via a hydraulic chamber, which is controlled by a solenoid valve. The movement of this piston is controlled by a mechanical intake camshaft.
When the solenoid valve is closed, the oil in the hydraulic chamber behaves like a solid body and transmits the lift schedule to the intake valves. The lift schedule is imposed by the mechanical intake camshaft. When the solenoid valve is open on the other hand, the hydraulic chamber and the intake valves are de-coupled; the intake valves do not follow the intake camshaft anymore and close under the valve spring action.
The final part of the valve closing stroke is controlled by a dedicated hydraulic brake, to ensure a soft and regular landing phase in any engine operating conditions. Through solenoid valve opening and closing time control, a wide range of optimum intake valve opening schedules can be easily obtained. Continue reading to view more images and to watch a video.
To help improve power, the solenoid valve is always closed and full valve opening is achieved following completely the mechanical camshaft, which is specifically designed to maximize power at high engine speed (long opening time). For low rpm torque, the solenoid valve is opened near the end of the camshaft profile, leading to early intake valve closing. This eliminates unwanted backflow into the manifold and maximizes the air mass trapped in the cylinders.
In engine part-load, the solenoid valve is opened earlier, causing partial valve openings to control the trapped air mass as a function of the required torque. Alternatively the intake valves can be partially opened by closing the solenoid valve once the mechanical camshaft action has already started. In this case the air stream into the cylinder is faster and results in higher in-cylinder turbulence.
The last two actuation modes can be combined in the same intake stroke, generating a so-called Multilift mode that enhances turbulence and combustion rate at very low loads. To help you understand this very complicated system, there is a video to assist you. Overall, benefits include; 10% increase in power, 15% improvement in low rpm torque, 10% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions output for naturally aspirated engines, 25% improvement in fuel efficiency for turbocharged engines and between 40% - 60% reduction in emissions output during cold starts and warm up.
This new technology can also be adapted to all types of internal combustion engines including diesel. Fiat will first offer the MultiAir technology with the 16-valve 1.4 liter engine family, in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms. The first vehicle to carry the system would be the Alfa Romeo MiTo by end of this year.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Suzuki Swift now with keyless entry and foldable side miror with indicator

Too bad that my Swift doesn't come with keyless entry and foldable side miror with signal indicator... :(

Suzuki Malaysia Automobile Sdn Bhd have updated their Suzuki Swift for the 2009 model year. The locally assembled Swift retails at RM 73,788.00 OTR with insurance and comes in 5 colours, including Bayside Blue, Silver Grey, Supreme Red and Tranquility Black as well as one new colour - Superior White.
Suzuki has basically added 2 features - a keyless entry and start system, and auto-retractable side mirrors with integrated signal indicators. The keyless entry system allows you to open the door via pressing a button on the door handle, and the keyless engine start is not unlike Latio’s where you turn an ignition knob, not as sexy as a start button but it works. Its primarily to allow you to access and start the car without having to take out the key fob from your pocket or in the case of ladies, your handbag.
The rest of the car should remain largely the same - a 1.5 liter DOHC engine with variable valve timing producing 101hp at 6,000rpm and 133Nm of torque at 4,000rpm mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, good cute but perhaps now dated looks and one of the best handling and fun factor in its class.