Thursday, June 23, 2011

RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit

RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit
With changing 5th gear to RRP Reinforced 5th High Gear Kit, the engine rev on like a cruising highway can be lowered with this kit. Most Swift Sport users thought that the stock 5th gear was too low and 3500rpm on 100Km/h was too high. RRP Reinforced 5th Gear Kit can be lower the noise of room and comfortable on highway cruising. Furthermore the gas consumption will be better with this kit.
We have designed and developed this kit for charged engine, NA tuned engine, drivers mostly drives on highway with adopting reinforced high 5th gear and also reinforced counter gear.
Price at 27,300Yen
 Swift Sport rev data

When 100Km/h Stock gear Gear RRP Reinforced 5th High
Type 1 transmission 3300rpm 2800rpm
Type 2 transmission 3500rpm 3000rpm

RRP Racing Final Gear Kit

RRP Racing Final Gear Kit

This racing final gear kit is to pull more engine power to accelerate and produced for those who are seeking a solution for better results in short circuit and street ride. The ratio of the gear set is 4.7 (stock 4.3). When you tuned the engine highly, you can obtain the extra acceleration feeling and better response with keeping the power band of engine.
We carefully selected the quality of materials and every gear is forged process for extra strength and reliability. Also with all gear rate lower than the stock gear, you can enjoy the driving with the effect like close gear suiting for stock engine and modified engine both.
The following table is the relation between rev and speed with stock gear and RRP Racing Final Gear Kit. Please refer it for your drive.
Price at 59,850Yen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RRP Reinforced Released Cylinder

The stock clutch cylinder is often caused the oil leaking so we have developed RRP Reinforced Release Cylinder for Swift users.
The stock cylinder piston is made from a resin so week for temperature change and easy to transformed. RRP Reinforced Release Cylinder has been adopted the aluminum and designed to prevent the oil leaking with high accuracy of inner seal. Especially for users using reinforced clutch parts, we recommend this part to avoid the oil leaking by the pressure of clutch cover.
Price at 12,600Yen

Cartisan Bodykit for New Swift ZC72S

Cartisan Bodykit for New Swift ZC72S

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tryforce Pillow Mount Tower Bar - On Sale

Tryforce Pillow Mount Tower Bar is On Sale right now.
It can used for Tryforce, R's Racing and TM Square Pillow Mount Adjustable.
Price at 19,950Yen

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Forged Piston for Turbo & Supercharged M16A by R's Racing

New Forged Piston for Turbo & Supercharged M16A Swift Sport engine by R's Racing
Coming Soon by R's Racing

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean road show @ Midvalley

Pirates of the Caribbean road show @ Midvalley last weekend.
This is the nicest decoration ever in Midvalley i think...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swift Sport Greddy Supercharger kit

Last month I post up a Swift Sport Greddy Supercharger Kit check it out Here and Here
The owner - Dave had installed it into his Swift Sport.
Dave sent me some photos and youtube of his nice cool ride....
Check it out!!! Awesome!!!
Drive By video

TM Square Cold Air Intake

TM Square Cold Air Intake is officially on sale right now.
You may find the link >>>HERE<<<
According from TM Square, the intake is well developed and dyno proven.
It able to bring the intake temperature down significantly.
Tested on 20C the temperature measured just in front of the air filter is 65C while TM Square CAI kit is 23C.
Results by Dynapack, the power output increase maximum of 5%
 Priced at 58,000Yen
 Stock Grill need to cut off
 Optional CF Grill 19,000Yen
 TM Square Air Filter 4,000Yen