Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec

The new Nissan GTR V-Spec test out at track.

New Proton Saga GTI concept

This might be the new proton saga GTI version. From the picture i think they redesign the headlight and painted the front grill black. I will paint the grill black if i buy new saga too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Worn Air con belt

Today i open up my car's bonnet and inspect my car as usual. Luckily i noticed my air con belt is worn out... you can see the belt is starting to tear off..
I drove my car to Sunday Motors nearby my house and change it. It cost RM13 for the new belt and i think its reasonable.
Now my car mileage is at 55580km; I going to change the timing belt at 80000km too.

New Saga Red design by Proton Design

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pimp my ride : New Saga Red

Saw this new saga Red design by proton at website.... Overall it looks nice man... twin muffler and OZ rims... Leather sport seat and nice steering wheels.... darken head and tail lights with full body kit and rear wings.... wow.... bravo proton.... this is cool man...

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Proton Saga 2008

After twenty over year finally the launch of new proton saga.... what do you think? just 32k and you can own one... i think this is quite affordable car from the 1300cc class... this time proton done it right... hopefully the quality of the car is better than last time...

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

GTA San Andreas Drifting

I like to play this game very much... I think i had spend 3 months time to play the game...
Enjoy the modified car in the games and crazy drifting...hehehe...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vortex for my ram pipe

I copied the design from johnson lam at and install it to my ram pipe for my open pod intake. According to johnson the vortex will take effect during high speed driving (above 100km/h) hopefully it will create few HP during high speed driving :P
Just need to cut the fins of the fan a bit and install it to my ram pipe. Remember to cut the center hole too; to let more air going in.

Hopefully it will generate vortex effect during the suction of my carburetor.

My cold air intake which i installed it few years ago when i change into open pod intake.

Bad touge experiance

Yesterday was a bad touge experiance for me; this is due to my friend crashed his car on the way home after touge.
We started touge for 2 rounds around 6.30pm, and the are a bit of raining before our check point. Actually I was not keen to start the touge if it is raining, but when we reach the starting checkpoint the road is dry and no raining. So we had lots of fun driving up and down from checkpoint to checkpoint.
Around 7pm we decide to go home when the sky begins to turn dark; I ask him to lead me as I can observe his racing line. The bad things happens when he was driving a little bit fast when going down even the road was wet. I was unable to give him warning to slow down as I'm only following at his back. His lost control of his car during a sharp left hand turn at the divider area; I always ask people to slow down at that corner as I know it is a really dangerous corner.
His car over steer to the left and hit the drain; and bump back to the roadside.... I was really shocked and only hope he is all right. I quickly stop at the road side and look for him; he able to walk out from his car and shout 'shit man' Luckily that he is ok.
Within 5minute a tow truck shown up (dam is it coincident or planned?) He offer to tow my friends car to his workshop but my friend decide to let his friend to tow it back to get it fix nearby his house.
Dam, it was a really bad experiance and I learn a lot of things too... I going to learn how to react during this type of situation during track day.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Solo Touge at Cameron

Today is holiday for my company so I decided to go to practise touge at cameron early morning.
I woke up at 7.15am and head up to cameron around 7.45am. I made 2 round of touge today just to practise the racing line, braking, handling and heel and toe. I think i still need a lot of practise as i feel that my handling was no smooth... By the way i need to practise weight transfer also as mention from tougeking...
Beautiful sky at cameron

Not many car during morning touge practise session, but I still saw a police car going downhill.

Crazy Rally Drift

This guy is dam crazy... i donno how he actually did that.... i thought it only happens on Initial D or some movies....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Track Day Tips

Below are the Track day preparation tips for your reference.
Track Day Tips

The golden rule for track days:
Enjoy yourself and drive (not tow) your car home afterwards.
With that in mind, let's see what we need to do:

Pre-Event checks
a) Make sure the car is in a well maintained condition
-Check your hoses, and wear and tear items, make sure they are good.
b) Check ALL fluid levels
c) Replace the brake fluid if not changed at service specified interval
d) Check the condition/pressure of all your tyres, make a note of the pressures
e) Check your brake pads for condition/thickness, preferably put new competition pads on the front and rear, better still, fabricate brake ducting to direct cold air towards the front brakes, this dramatically reduces brake pad wear
f) Remove any accessory that is moves around, e.g., the little sponge bob thingy you hang on your rear view mirror!
g) Check the speed rating of your tyres, make a note of this and never exceed it on track
h) Remove any floor mats from the drivers footwell
-A lot of people could not get the clutch fully depressed due to the floor mat, you get the idea...
i) Remove the spare tyre if you have secure storage
j) Take some basic tools with you, enough to change brake pads at least
k) Take at least one axle stand for when you change the pads
l) Take some rags, old t-shirts, or dry hand cleaner for cleaning your hands etc.
m) Fill up with SUL (super unleaded) even on standard spec engine, you wont get more performance, just gives the engine more protection from detonation. If you run on SUL normally, then put 1% octane booster in for safety.

Spares to bring
a) One set of brake pads at least, front and rear
b) One 5 litre can of oil
c) Some tape to cover your light lenses
d) A helmet
e) Some thin-soled sports shoe’s, aids with pedal feel, don't wear a pair of Crocs and attempt left-foot-braking!

Pre-track checks
a) Recheck your tyre pressures, if one is down you may have a slow puncture which could blow at high speed
b) Increase the tyre pressures by 4-6psi higher than you would normally run on the road
c) Tape up your headlights
d) Ensure you understood the driver briefing, if you are not sure about anything, ask for clarification. Ensure you understood the passing rules in particular!
e) You brought a helmet, right? Now put on your helmet, don't just leave it on the seat!

First lap on every run
a) Never thrash the car on the first lap, speed up gradually bringing the oil/water temperatures to normal working parameters
b) Gently bring the brake temperatures up to temperature
c) Use this lap to get familiar with the track, test the brakes, make sure they work!
d) Try and give yourself space front and rear, don’t be tempted to follow the car in front too closely as you will be concentrating on him/her and not learning the track
e) Get used to checking your mirrors before and after each corner, you will be amazed how quickly some cars will catch you if you are a track novice.

The Rest of the laps
a) Bring up the speed gradually if you are a novice, you will learn more
b) Gradually start to test your limits, note where can you brake a little later, and where can you accelerate a little earlier
c) If you experience brake fade/boiling (spongy brake pedal that needs to go all the way down to stop) and you don’t think it will go away before the next corner, slow down, it is very likely to be worse the next time
d) If you feel a power loss coming out of a tight bend back off, don’t keep the throttle planted, you are probably getting the first sign of fuel surge, if you keep it planted you are risking detonation due to a weak mixture. return to the pits and refuel. This can happen with half a tank of fuel on board, don’t get fooled into thinking it can’t be happening already, it can.

Last lap in
a) Do a slow last lap in
b) Try to avoid using the brakes at all to give the disks/pads some chance to cool down
c) Don’t stop looking in your mirror, there might be someone still on max attack
d) Remember to raise one hand out the window, signaling your exit from the track

Entry to pits/stopping
a) Enter the pits slowly, look out for kids/spectators
(This is to stop the pads from being destroyed by the heat sink effect from your red hot brake disks, in addition, it prevents rotor warp, just stop on a level surface in 1st gear and off your engine).
c) Let everything cool before you check the following

Post run checks
a) Check the brake pads for wear, you will be amazed how quickly they are used up
b) Check ALL fluid levels, you may never use oil on the road, you are almost guaranteed to do so on a track day run
c) Check your tyre pressures, if one has dropped you may be on the way to a blow out
d) Check the tyres for wear/cuts

Hope this helps!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sunday Swift encounter

Yesterday when my girlfriend and I going to One Utama shopping centre we saw a nicely modified suzuki swift. The believe the owner really spend some time to choose a nice body kit.
I really love the outlook of swift... I hope to own a Suzuki swift sport which is more powerful and better handling with manual transmission...

Saw this Powerzone chrome engine rock cover for 4G13 and 15P (iswara) at ENEOS One Utama yesterday too... It costs RM440 for this shinny little thing which does not add any HP for car.... i better use that money to lighten my flywheel and install a better clutch kit...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saga Replacement Teaser

This the new BLM (basic line model) teaser.
Not too bad for a car below RM40k

Track Event: March 1st & 2nd 2008

Posting for TougeKing's Track day at Kg Gajah Perak!

Hi folks, and Team BC Machine are pleased to bring you our first joint Track Event for 2008:The event will be held at the Kg Gajah Dato' Sagor Track.Track Details here.

Past event coverage:
Dec 9th 2007
Dec 8th 2007
Sep 9th 2007
Dec 10th 2006

Bank details:The Rigpa CentreMBB account no : 5081 7761 1306
Pay RM100 if you are a regular, and RM150 if you are new (an instructor will be assigned).
Do email me or leave a comment if you have any question.
See you at the track!

Upcoming Mazda RX-9?

I always dream of buying a Mazda RX-7 or RX-8 due to its design and wonderful rotary engine. A 1300cc rotary engine produces two hundred over horsepower. Man it was awesome!
Here is the leaked photos of upcoming RX-9...
Under the hood will be the new RENESIS 16X, a 1.6 liter twin rotor engine.