Friday, October 31, 2008

Suzuki Swift by Konigseder

Found this bodykit while i'm surfing the new.

Suzuki Swift by Konigseder

Petrol Price Down 15sen

Petrol and diesel prices will go down 15 sen a litre from 12.01am on Saturday - the fourth reduction since August.
The new price of a litre of
RON97 will be RM2.15 from RM2.30
RON92 will be RM2.05 from RM2.20
Diesel will be RM2.05 from RM2.20.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

LED daytime driving lights

Nowadays LED Daytime Driving light start to becoming popular and trend for auto industry.

Audi R6
Audi A4

Porsche Cayenne facelift

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Breakfast at Ipoh Old town

Went to Ipoh Old town famous San Yuen Feng 新源丰 to had breakfast after morning exercises at polo ground with my girlfriend this morning.

We had half boil eggs on toast 面包蛋, sausages, and famous white coffee.

Really enjoy the breakfast at San Yuen Feng 新源丰; you should try it too...

Ipoh White Coffee


half boil eggs on toast 面包蛋

Monday, October 20, 2008

Full Tank mileage of My Swift

Went to KL and come back last Saturday with My Swift.
Pump RM80+ and my swift able to bring me 500km. Its about RM0.16sen per km.
The travel consists of 80% highway and 20% of city driving including traffic jam.
Currently my car total mileage is about 975km and its ready for the first service this weekend.

Lunch at Manhanttan Fish Market Sunway Pyramid

Went to Sunway Pyramid with my parents on Saturday noon.
This is the first time we try out Manhanttan Fish Market as it is not available in Ipoh.
If you like fast food style seafood... here is the place to be....
Although the food is not cheap; but the portion is big and it will fill you up...
Personally i love the flamming prawn.... it's very tasty... yummie....

Waiting for our food

Manhanttan Seafood Platter for two

Flamming Platter for one

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Petrol Price reduce 15sen to RM2.30

News from Chinapress
Petrol price will be reduce 15sen to RM2.30 per liter tomorrow 15th October 2008.
RON97 reduce by15sen
RON92 reduce by 10sen
Diesel reduce by 20sen

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spoiler and Tinted upgrade

Finally the my SA had sent my car to window tinted and install the moon crest spoiler.

Dinner at Kuala Sepetang

Our department manager Sam brought us to Kuala Sepetang for seafood dinner.
We left our office late and just able to enjoy a short sunset scenery view of Kuala Sepetang river side.

Beautiful scenery

Fishing boat parked at the river bank

Our Product Engineer Team

Our seafood -yummy-

Friday, October 10, 2008

Suzuki Swift -China version- June08

This is China's version of Suzuki Swift 1.5.
Looks like the outlook is much more special than Msia version.
However I had the new facelift version with new front and rear bumper :P

Added side mirror indicator, new fender logo and front grill

Came with moon crest spoiler, special sports rims and rear 1.5 emblem

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TopSpin Design (TSD) Swift upgrade kit

ARE you tired of your Suzuki Swift going uphill or taking that corner underpowered? TopSpin Design (TSD) has come out with new upgrades for the Suzuki Swift M15A 1.5L and Sport M16A 1.6L.

By using 78mm or 83mm pistons specifically designed by TSD Sam Sport, the upgrade will boost engine power to 180hp at 6,500rpm and achieve maximum torque of 287Nm at 4,500rpm, compared with 110hp and 131Nm originally.
The upgrade consists of high performance 86mm bore engine block with TSD thermal coating, oil cooler kit, high performance head gasket, high performance piston set with boron nitride ceramic coating and high flow performance fuel injectors.
Even with these upgrades, Stanley Liu, TSD president, said: "The fuel is still economical. Engine power is boosted but the fuel consumption is still well within economical range."

After the upgrades are done, the engine will allow 0-100km/h in just 7.15 seconds, compared with the original 8.9.
"The transmission and braking system will not be changed for this upgrade as they are already good enough. The Swift has enough braking power to cater for the boost of speed. Of course, if the owner would like more braking power or use it for the track, the stock system will need to be upgraded thoroughly to allow more safety features added into the car,” said Liu.

Additional upgrades are recommended to further boost the performance of the car. These include TSD Sam Sport E-manage with tuned fuel map, high flow exhaust header with TSD ultra BN coating and radiator cooling fan controller kit.

“These upgrades have not been done here in Malaysia, but it’s already popular in Australia. Too bad the Swift is not for sale in the United States, but we’re quite sure that many Swift enthusiasts who are hungry for more power will consider this. After all, the Swift is a fun car to drive!” said Liu.

The upgrade kit will be sold in Malaysia and Singapore by Automotive Synergy.
According to its managing director, Ian Sia, the menu for the conversion is quite extensive, but it all begins from the stock kit which is priced at RM13,500.
We took the car out for a short spin and compared with the normal Swift Sport, this one has an outpouring of mid-range torque.

Monday, October 6, 2008

TT with CSI member

Our northern CSI (Club Saga Iswara) members 88566 came to visit Ipoh CSI team today.
We officially hand over the CSI Polo T-shirt to him so he can help us to pass it to our northern region members.
This is the first TT with my new swift.

Sorry for the poor quality photos snap by my phone.

Kopinet's ride - Kenari with new modified body kit and banana lightweight rims

88566's ride - Stock look but with very nice SQ audio system Thomas's ride - Ipoh's CSI monster car with 4G91 engine

The paint job make it looks like 4G63T

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some Photos of my Swift

Snap some photos of my Swift after car wash and polishing.

First Modification done

My Swift's body dented not even 24hrs

Dam shit!!!
Found out that my car body dented cause by some one's door which I believe!
The dent was quite obvious and the mark are erasable too :(
My car was not even pass 24hrs and now already got dent on the body.
I hope my blog reader will always take good care when they opening the car door.
Try not to hit other people's car too... or install a rubber at the door so it will not direct hit other's car too....

My father's car got scratched too yesterday when part at Kinta City shopping mall at night.
I curse those Mother Fxxker which have itchy hands to do such sabotaging....

Updated with photo :(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally the dream came true!

I'm proud owner of a Suzuki Swift right now!!!

Finally my dream came true after months of dreaming, thinking, planning, and deciding...
Got my car this evening around 6pm... Everything is inspected and checked before the key is hand over to me....
One thing does give me a shock is the car key cost RM900 a unit if you need to replace one!
BTW the only tools given is car jack, and tools that change spare tires; no screw drivers or spanner too. (no big deals as tool kits are cheap and available in shopping center)
No complaint on the air con as it really cold... Car audio and sound system is quite standard... will try playing CD's or MP3 disc tomorrow...
Also notice that the main headlight is a bit lower than my previous car (can be adjusted so no worries)
Already drove around 20km and so far no complaint on it... very minimal outside noise and engine was quite...
Crusing at 80km/h with engine rpm of barely 2000rpm only....
Suspension is on the soft side and very comfortable too...
So far not much complaint as it's just very very new to me....

Will take more photos tomorrow too... stay tuned....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Poison for my car -soon-

Not yet got my car... but already kena poison...
I'm targeting to add some stuffs to my swift....

I hope to get the mud guard...

Rear diffuser...

And sport metal pedal...