Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prototype 4-2-1 extractor by Monster

A Prototype 4-2-1 extractor by design by Monster with two pieces of high-performance metal catalysts.

CAI Pipe by Top Fuel

CAI Pipe design by Top Fuel specially for Swift that uses open pod intake system.
Selling at CF 31,290Yen or FRP 18,690Yen

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

R's Racing Adjustable Stabilizer Kit

New product from R's Racing - Adjustable Stabilizer Kit

"We have designed and developed the stabilizer using the stock original stabilizer with non necessary to change to other manufacture's stabilizer for sport driving to prevent a roll of car. The cornering ability will be performed better and in safe with RRP Adjustable Stabilizer Kit.

You can adjust with delicate fine tuning so you will be able to set the performance with different circumstances. The basic adjustments are 3 steps which are normal, 15% up and 25% up effect.
Furthermore, you can change the proper position of stabilizer because the rod is also adjustable. You can enjoy the driving with small cost !!"

Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monster add on lips for CKD Swift bumper

Spotted a CKD swift with monster add on lips on stock bumper.
Looks quite nice too...

Disable parking lot

The disable people parking lot is mean for the disable person....
See how these inconsiderable auntie parked on the disable person parking lot!!!
No common sense at all!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Suzuki SX4 with Rotrex Supercharger

Suzuki SX4 with Rotrex Supercharger

[WTS] Kakimoto R for Swift

Helping Ahmiaoz to post:

Kakimoto R
-Plug & play for ZC21S/ZC11S
-Jasma Cert
-used for 10000km+-
-condition 9/10
-free delivery
Price: RM1388

[WTS] Fujitsubo RM01A

Helping Ahmiaoz to post up:

Fujitsubo RM01A
-for ZC31S/Swift Sport
-used for less than 8000km
-Condition 9/10
-Inlet 50mm
-outlet 86mm
-comes with
*Metal Gasket
*Jasma Cert
*Instructions Manual n Warranty Card
*Fujitsubo RM01A sticker
-free delivery(COD)
*no box/only bubble wrapping
Price: RM1099

[WTS] OEM retractable side mirror with signal indicator

Helping Ahmiaoz to post up his selling item.

OEM retractable side mirror with signal indicator
-with rubber seal
-chop from yr08 XG E ZC71S
-Suits ZC11/21/31S
-warranty for 3 months(T&C apply)
-free delivery(COD)
Will sell after the switch arrive

*Items comes with box as default
Dealing method: COD(KL area,other state provide upon request)
Or collect during tt
Contact : 012 39 777 51
Regular/Senior member can get me through MSN:
SMS will not be entertained

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Car Service at Aiman Motor Jln 222 PJ

I sent my car for routine service at Aiman Motor at Jln 222 PJ last Saturday morning.
It was one of the nicest Suzuki service center in KL I believe; Ipoh SC is really sucks!!! Can't even compete with the first class service center by Aiman Motor.
I booked my service schedule few days before and Aiman Motor sms me for confirmation of booking too! (Thumb up)
You may enjoy hot Milo, Coffee or tea and some biscuits while waiting during your car service.
BTW I got a free car wash after the service due to special promotion on the month.

*Update on Motul H-Tech 100 Plus 5w-30*
After service my car feel more powerful instantly.
Engine is more easy to rev and throttle become lighter.
This is really a good engine oil.
Recommend for you all to try out too.

You may view your car during service inside an aircon room with nice sofa and watching Astro.

Mechanic is working on my car with protective maps covering on the fenders.

This is Aiman's AMC track car that participate on Merdeka endurance race if not mistaken.

Happy Dong Zhi day aka 冬至快乐

Wish all my blog reader Happy Dong Zhi day...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lexus LS 460L

This is the most expensive car that I ever sit on so far.
A Lexus LS 460L which cost about RM850k I believe.
I was fortunate to sit on this luxury sedan Saturday morning.
Needless to say the car was so dam nice and comfortable yet powerful too.
Cruising on 160kph was so pleasant and quite compare to my car of coz.
Engine rev was over 2500rpm when 160kph, 1300rpm when doing 110kph if not mistaken.
After check on the website; I only realise it was power by 4608cc 32V DOHC V8 which produced 380bhp and 493Nm of torque.
All I can remember was it have lots of speakers (19 speakers with 7.1 surround system).

Actually the one that I sit in was the 4 seater version. The price is even expensive; from Lexus website it cost RM938k OTR.
Rear center seat with individual seat position, aircon control, window blind and so on.

Check the spec at Lexus website.

Lunch at Popeyes

Try out new fast food in Sunway Pyramid today - Popeyes - Louisiana Kitchen.
The food was nice... my fried chicken is very tasty, coleslaw and mashed potato is tasty than KFC. It come with crunchy and yummy biscuit instead of muffins which normally serve by KFC too.
You guys should give it a try too...

Very colorful design
Shrimp Sandwich - RM8.60
2pcs Chicken Value Meal - RM9.90

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Light weight underdrive crank pulley by jacktay

This was a project from a member from Swift Club SG who drove a swift sport - Jacktay
It was a great product with proven dyno result too.
Highly recommended if you like to gain few hp and torque.

Stock SSS Crank pulley
Light weight underdrive crank pulley by jacktay
Comparison between stock and jacktay's pulley
Anodized in red
Dyno result
Quote from JackTay "The black curve you see is my Swift Sport in stock form. 110ps at the wheel amounts to about 126.5ps at the crank, very close to the 125ps stock on paper.
The red curve is with the underdrive crank pulley. 114ps at the wheel is about 131.1ps at the crank. All in all a gain of about 4.6ps. I was more for the torque gains and was pleased to see the jump in the torque curve. "