Saturday, April 26, 2008

Japan Sport Compact Tsukuba Battle

Mitsu Colt vs Boon X4 vs Swift Sport vs Fit
very good race among the Japanese sport compact

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend in KL - Swift and Polo GTI

I went to KL again during the weekend :P
My gf and I went to Sunway Pyramid this time.... and I saw my dream car Suzuki Swift at a car exibition inside the mall.
I sat on four corner of the car seat and I really like it very much.... The good side is the chair is really comfortable and have more cushion at the side; its good for touge :P.
However the down side is the head clearance of the back seat is not so spacious... I feel it is like Gen2 at the back... But anyway I don't bother much because I'm not going to sit at the back... hahaha...Another interest car encounter is the new Polo GTI; it is another powerful sport compact. Just dream of it.... its too expensive man...Went to Sri Petaling for breakfast on Sunday morning and I had claypot 'lou xu' noodle at one of the shop... according to my gf, she said this is the famous one and been appear on the astro TV show too... RM5 for the noodle and it is very delicious....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New LCD for me in the office

My manager was very kind to me.... today he ask IT guy to change my 17inch flat screen CRT monitor to Dell 19inch wide screen LCD monitor. The model is E198WFP and cost about six hundred plus RM. Now my eyes will be well protected from the radiation of conventional CRT monitor :P
Really wanna say thank you for my boss....
My new 19inch wide screen LCD (still can't stop thinking of swift sport)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Skyline GTR R35 crashed in Malaysia

I saw this post from Who move my charsiu
Seems like the New black color Skyline GTR R35 is owned by Singaporean driver... How the hell he can crash the car like this... Really don't understand why he wasted a nice sport car like this... I'm pretty sure the driver is ok because the interior is still ok....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Midvalley during weekend

My gf and me went to Midvalley Megamall during the weekend. Upon arrival we saw a Toyota Alphard look a like MPV; there is a parking space beside the MPV so I parked my gf's car in. Actually it is not an Alphard; but this is a Nissan Elgrand. I think this is the first time I saw an Elgrand; it was huge like Alphard and looks really square too. hahaha...
Some info from Wikepedia
Luxury Van
VG33E (2002-2004) /VQ35DE (2004-present)
5 speed automatic with manumatic shifting (VQ35DE)
2950 mm (116.1 in)
4835 mm (190.4 in)
1795 mm (70.7 in) (XL) / 1815 mm (71.5 in) (HWS)
1920 mm (75.6 in) (XL) / 1910 mm (75.2 in) (HWS)

Dinner at Kim Garry
This is my dinner at Kim Garry Midvalley; Norwegian seafood cheese baked rice. It was tasty and the whole set dinner come with dessert, soup, and drinks just RM20. It is really worth going there to enjoy Hongkong's food.

Kengko Reflexology and Fish Spa
This is the first time I saw using fish for reflexology; although i had heard of it but this is the first time is saw it. So if you are interested, you can let the fish to bite your old skin at Midvalley Kengko Reflexology & Fish Spa.

Saturday morning touge

It was a long break since I touge last time... I think it was about a month ago....
Today's touge was a slow and steady one... before went up hill there is a accident whereby a long trailer crashed into the sid of the road and half of its lorry blocking one side of the road.
I think the trailer try to drift too :P
From far view (picture taken when i going down hill due to i had mount my phone for video during touge)

Long trailer blocking half of the road; it going to jam later in the morning.

I still haven't upload my touge video. Will post it once i upload it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dellorto DHLA 40 for sale

I letting go my Dellorto DHLA 40 due to i wanna restoring my car and plan to get another car... This carburetor are in running condition and it is with custom made manifold for 4G13 or 4G15P engine. It is best for track or racing engine setting... it can be tune for street used also... depends on the jetting you choose. Let me know if you are interested... selling price will be RM1.8k negotiable

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Suzuki Swift Sedan

Suzuki swift sedan... looks a bit wierd... got it from

Maruti Suzuki will launch a swift with definite boot , yes the new esteem i.e swift sedan will hit the showrooms in in January - Febraury 2008. The new Swift sedan is expected to be offered in both petrol and diesel engine variants. For the diesel option, Maruti may pick the 1.3L DDIS engine which currently powers the swift hatch back to power the new swift sedan. Swift sedan will be positioned as a practical family car(no sporty ) a new wider rear section will facilitate that. The upcoming swift sedan may replace (or) complement the esteem(if it is launched only on diesel version). Swift in its three box avtaar(sedan) will take on the upcoming next generation Indigo and is expected to be priced around Rs5.5 lakh. Maruti’s earlier bid to capture the diesel market with the esteem diesel ended in a failure node. But the esteem’s petrol model still holds some grip - even after 13years of its debut 6,000 units of esteem is sold in April-July period.