Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Suzuki Swift - In Taiwan

The new Suzuki Swift has launched in Taiwan.
Looks good with 4 disc brake...
When is our turn???

RRP License Number Plate Mask

RRP License Number Plate Mask is used for circuit run or for taking pictures in event to hide the license number plate. If you don’t want to be shoot your running in an event or race with any video or picture taken, you can use our RRP License Number Plate Mask. Also you can prevent the plate from any damages and also you can put stickers on RRP License Number Plate Mask. Please do not use on the public road with this item.
RRP License Number Plate Mask White for Front - Price 1,575 Yen
RRP License Number Plate Mask White for rear - Price 1,890 Yen

RRP Shift Knob

RRP Shift Knob Type 1 (145g)
RRP Shift Knob Type 2 (120g)
Price 5,250 Yen

Friday, February 18, 2011

R's Racing M19A with High Cam sound

R's Racing M19A with High Cam sound

Air Intake Duct by TM Square

Air Intake Duct by TM Square

RRP Reinforced Valve Spring

Latest product from R's Racing : RRP Reinforced Valve Spring
RRP Reinforced Valve Spring is designed and developed for high rev cruising without any power down and valve surging in high rev. Of course this item is corresponding to RRP High Performance Camshaft to support Suzuki Swift engine.
 [ About the affection of reinforced valve spring ]
1.Prevent valve surging in high rev (this means that a making noise and camshaft will not turn smoothly after beyond spring tension ability)
2.Measurement of metal fatigue of valve spring in high rev and also for high durability
3.Corresponding to high camshaft and big valve

Material            SWOCN-V + heat process
Volume of valve lift      Max 10mm
Corresponding to big valve and REV8500

RRP High Performance Camshaft

Latest product from R's Racing : RRP High Performance Camshaft
[ Camshaft Spec ]
Intake : operation angle 256 degree lift : 9.7mm
Exhaust : operation angle 248 degree lift : 9.3mm

Valve Clearance
When cold situation In 0.2mm+- 0.02mm
Ex 0.3mm+- 0.02mm

1. Machining from raw cam material
2. Phosphate coating manganese base to prevent from scuffing
3. Adjustable sprocket for exhaust cam
4. Special designed and developed for M type engine which RRP has been testing for more than 2 years.

Both Intake and exhaust camshafts are ultimate high lift design to improve the maximum torque for Swift car.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

TM Square Induction box for 4 Throttle - update 2

TM Square upgraded their Induction box with air scoop and new bonnet design.
This will bring a lot of cool air for the 4 throttle; great for tracking!
New bonnet design wit air scoop
 Air will be force feed into the induction box
 Inside view of the bonnet
 Open pod intake was removed; replaced with a big filter on top.
 Probably you can't drive your car during raining

TM Square Induction box for 4 Throttle - update 1

TM Square is upgrading their 4 Throttle induction box for better performance.
You may want to refresh on the previous Old Induction Box Setup.
 Relocate the Brake and Clutch Reservoirs.
The latest induction box design

TE37 on Swift

This is how it looks like using Front 4x100 14 inch 6.5j +15 and Rear 4x100 14 inch 7j +0 MTE37.
I assume this is specially ordered TE37 spec.
The owner is using 185 60 R14 RE-11S tires for track day.