Thursday, July 30, 2009

Schumacher is back!!!

Yeah!!! Schumi is back in action!!!
As if to underline that nothing is ever predictable in Formula One, Ferrari announced Wednesday evening that Michael Schumacher is to stand in for the injured Felipe Massa at the forthcoming Grand Prix in Valencia and beyond. With Massa out of action due to the injuries sustained in qualification for the Hungarian Grand Prix and making a strong recovery, the rumour mill had been rife with speculation as to who would take over the F60 cockpit alongside Kimi Raikkonen as the Brazilian recuperates. Indeed, no less than 13 drivers had been linked with the drive amongst reports that the 40-year old seven-time champion was not interested in resurrecting his career with the Italian champions. "We have said before that it is possible that Michael Schumacher could return to help us out," head of communications Luca Colajanni said ahead of the official announcement. Schumacher last competed in the sport in 2006 where he finished second to Fernando Alonso in the standings, having secured no less than seven victories to add to his tally of 91 wins.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Felipe Massa Crash in hungary qualifying

Felipe Massa Crash in Hungary qualifying after hit by a fallen spring from Rubens's car at turn 4.
Look carefully at the video as he lost conscious and didn't lift off the throttle paddle before the crash.
Hope he is alright now....

New Suzuki Swift Spyshot

The current version of Suzuki Swift definately has made it's name in the Rally world. Front wheel drive with superb handling in his class. These picture shows that the new Suzuki Swift is set to be out to the market by year 2010 or 2011. The suzuki swift looks slightly bigger as compare to the current model. The model, despite the heavy camouflage, we still can see the new swift retain it's roundish front end and short rear overhang.
The New Suzuki Swift is said to make its official appearance at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Like the current model, the new Suzuki Swift will be front-wheel-drive. With engines delivering between 90 and 130 hp, the new car should be a good fun city driving daily car. Judging by the above photo, the rear lights seems to be more aggresive/sport looking design.

金记 Seafood Noodle

Had breakfast at 金记 Seafood Noodle yesterday.
It cost RM8 a bowl of seafood noodle; but I think it was worthy since the noodle have 3 big prawns, lots of cutter fish and home made fish paste 鱼滑.
Overall the seafood was fresh and tasty too.

Impatient lady driver

Came across an impatient lady driver at a junction near Shell petrol station near Kinta City.
Every car was queuing while this lady driver just cut the queue.
I think she thought she is the only one who rushing instead of others.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Osram Nightbreaker Installed

I can't wait till tomorrow to install my Osram Nightbreaker bulbs to my car.
Spend about 30min to snap photos and install the bulbs.
Sorry for the poor photo quality, really don't know how to take good photos at night time.
Overall result was impressive; Osram Nightbreaker +90% did a good job!
Now the headlight looks much brighter and a bit whitter compare to stock.
Really recommend for peoples that's want to upgrade their headlight bulbs but not to break the law.

Test area with no headlight

Stock small light - yellowish

Philips Blue Vision - looks white

Low Beam with stock bulbs - yellowish

Osram NB installed - brighter and whitter

Stock bulb low beam
Osram NB low beam - brighter
Stock bulbs with low beam at test area
Osram Nightbreaker with low beam at test area - brighter and whitter

Surge Intake Mod for Swift

Taiwan Swift tuner Boss 目 created the Surge Intake Mod for Swift.
It claim it can improve the power of the engine when below 4000rpm.
Personally I also feel that the car response is really slow at low rpm.
Anyone able to get this or help to manufacture this in Msia?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Osram Nightbreaker

I received my Osram Nightbreaker H4 bulb yesterday which I ordered it from Powerbulbs last Monday.
I decided to upgrade my car's headlight stock bulb to Osram Nightbreaker +90% for safer driving at night. No to HID due to it was illegal and need to take more time to install.
Powerbulbs provide free delivery to the world and the price was cheap too.
I will install it during the weekend and make a comparison.
Front packaging viewRear packaging view
Open Box

A layer of blue film on the front part of the bulb to produce some white color Free Philips Blue Vision small bulbs

Monday, July 20, 2009

ASICS GEL-Foundation 8

My 1.5yrs old Nike Air Max Moto +5 had wear off recently; it served me well as I wear it almost every where I go... to work, travel, exercise...
So I decided to get a pair of new running shoes.... This time I got myself ASICS GEL-Foundation 8 instead of Nike.
Got it from Focus Ace with 15% discount with additional 5% discount (20%) after i mention my friends Hoo Yeen introduce me to there :P
Original price is RM349
ASICS GEL-Foundation 8
Featured Technologies:
-DuoMax® Support System
-GEL® Cushioning Systems
-SpEVA® Midsole

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ipoh Railway station visit and Parking Ticket

Today morning I sent my relative to Ipoh Railway station to catch a train back to Johor. It's been a long time ago since I visit the railway station.
Ipoh's Railway station
Train schedule indicator
Train arrive on time.
The waiting area was pleasent
MBI was efficient to give parking ticket too :(

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Voltmeter installed

I had DIY installed my old Autogauge Voltemter into my Swift on Saturday.
Nothing so spacial on this DIY; it was an easy one compare to vacuum meter.
I just use the cigarette lighter adapter socket for the power supply.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cameron Highland with Club Saga Iswara

Went to Cameron Highland with Club Saga Iswara member yesterday morning.
I was CSI member when i'm driving my Iswara but I still active in their thread because they are all friendly members.
This time, CSI team decide to visit Cameron Highland for gathering. We had member from Negeri Sembilan, KL and Penang join together.
They all stay there for a night while Perak member visit them on Sunday morning.
Yesteday was a rainy and cooling day; perfect for cruising uphill.

Ktxmax's black iswara aeroback with UR bar and adjustable suspension. (I had install my voltmeter on Saturday too; will share more photos soon)

Kopinet's ride with shaking wheel in front (dam scary for me)

We always had Steamboat at Cameron
Visited tea farm

Traffic was dam bad during weekend :(
Drift corner for some drifter :P

I was tired and didn't join their group photo session at Simpang Pulai.