Saturday, December 29, 2007

Touge with CSI member

Yesterday night I decided to touge on Saturday morning, so asked kopinet and ktxmax (Club Saga Iswara member) to join me. They are my buddy of CSI club since last year when we meet in Chinese Cari car forum.
As usual on morning i wake up early around 7.15am and went to polo ground for some morning exercise before head up to cameron.
Ktxmax arrive at the petrol station around 9.15am and take a walk around the shops before i reach after 10mins.
Take my time to snap some photo. I like his Work CR Kai (imitation rim)
After 10mins kopinet arrived too and we head to cameron straight away.
(Ktxmax, My car and Kopinet's car)
Today kopinet lead us up to the checkpoint and I was follow behind his tail as ktxmax find hard to keep up with us. I think Kopinet is really pushing his 13inch tire to the limit as I only able to follow his back only. We reach the check point and waited for ktxmax to arrive.
At the uphill checkpoint

After a break I lead them for downhill session. I was able to pull away from Kopinet after i overtake a lorry as he was block by an opposite car for overtaking. I lead all the way downhill to the checkpoint before relax my gas pedal as i know the police like to set some speed trap after the concrete divider section. We waited for ktxmax to arrive near the traffic light before we say goodbye to each other and headed home.

On the way home i saw a JPJ's own Toyota Fortuner; dam they really know how to make money!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bad impression on Famous Cafe

During weekends I went to a new restaurant called Famous Cafe near Tesco area (new shop lot opposite of a car saloon) for a lunch with my girlfriend.
This is the first time i really fed up and cancel the order of the food on a restaurant. This is due to I had to wait more than 45min and the food was not shown up yet!!!
I had waited 10min for my drinks to turn up. A sea coconut drink which need to take more than 10min to be prepare?
There are 7 waiter working in the restaurant around in the cafe; and their best service it to provide the menu to the customer when they sat down.
After waited for so long then I decided to cancel the order as I saw there are few more table still waiting for the food. End up I had my lunch at McD just waited for less than 5min.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rear tire scratches

Today I decided not to go Touge myself as I know that there will be lots of tourists going up to cameron due to holiday seasons.
As usual I like to check my tires and rim condition every weekend to make sure it is ok. But when I checked on my rear right hand side tire; I found out that my tire wall got scratches along it!!!
Heart pain when I saw this!

Tire scratches on my new PP2 :(

Later i found out that its the clearance between the tire and fender was too close on the right side. The left side was ok and i think someone had bended it out a bit maybe during rim change last time... Shit! why no one bend it for my fender at the right side!!!
So I decided to jack up my car and knock the fender out myself. I asked my parents to sit at the back my car and tested the clearance and it was still not so ok. Then i use the hammer's back to bend the fender out a bit; and tested again... Now the fender got enough clearance for the tire walls :P
I bend the fender out a bit so that it got enough clearance even with heavy load!
So it was a trade off to use lower spring and wider tire if there are not much clearance on it... :(
I think it is due to heavy load at the back when I fetch someone also... However now the problem had been solved and i learn some lesson too... :P

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wax my tires

Since I change my new Michelin PP2 i used to wash it weekly; however it doesn't looks new anymore and the surface had turn a bit of yellowish donno due to what reason. One day i asked my neighbour on what type of tire wax he used for his cars (his car tires was real shinny) and he recommend me this tire wax.
So i bought a bottle of Waxco Auto Guard Protectant from Tesco for RM13.90 yesterday and spray on my tires this morning.
Waxco four in one (rubber, plastic, vinyls and leather)

This is the end result (like brand new again)

Ice cold beer

I had done an experiment of making myself an ice cold beer '雪花啤酒' yesterday night and the result was ok!!! This time i cool my beer and beer glass at freezer for 45min.
The beer able to form some ice blended style especially at the foam... i think it was real cool... but i still miss the old town ice cold beer which is much more nicer than my home made one...

My homemade ice cold beer (ice blended beer on the top)

Lonely Saturday Touge

My parents was out of town for few days... leaving me alone over the weekend...
Friday night, kopinet sms me around midnight asking me whether i going to touge the next morning and i reply yes on same time same place.
The next day i woke up at 7am due to my gf called me to act as my alarm clock :P for jogging...
I used to jog (fast walking) at polo ground near tambun on every Saturday morning when i didn't go to KL visit my gf...
Many people at polo ground during weekendsAfter had my breakfast i headed to the meet up place to wait for kopinet... bad things is kopinet didn't shown up!!! this time he didn't even sms me to cancle!!! (will wack him when i meet him) So i decide to go alone... when I reach the starting point; there are two police cars hiding at a blind corner (dam no touge for today) i believe they are waiting for their prey again...
So i decided not to touge but just act as tourist for today. Here are some shorts taken with my poor handphone.

Starting point Nice corner
S corner Another nice S corner but i normally run in straight by cutting to opposite road
Blind corner; I got to come often in order to memorised the touge route...This is check point where we used to take a rest.

Starting point of downhill

This type of S turn become very dangerous when you going downhill fast. I still remember kopinet spun his car on this type of corner; luckily no opposite car if not i will bang his ass right away :P

Reaching the check point again. You can see there are lots of car had kissed the divider before; better slow down when you see this...

Monday, December 10, 2007

One Utama

My gf and I went One Utama on Sunday noon to check out the Xmas decoration there... wow its really nice decoration over there...As usual I'll visit my favourite Eneos at Jaya Jusco to check out some car accessories over there.
After posted a DIY project of the projector headlight for Iswara; I'm really tempted to DIY one pair for myself too...
This is the BMW projector headlight with Angel Eyes... Dam nice but expensive...
Recaro Millennium Edition... I need one for touge at Cameron... i was sliding around on my stock seat...

Weekend in KL

I had drop the track day event on 8 and 9th and decided to went to KL to see my gf; (sorry to tougeking :P)
We went to a quite interesting steamboat restaurent called Shabu Shabu at Puchong for dinner.
The concept of this restaurent is following something like Sushi King style with rotating conveyer belt to deliver food for customer; this is the first time i saw steamboat food on conveyer... We paid RM25 each for all you can eat option which i think is more worthty... this is due to they charge RM1 for each small plate if you choose charge by plate option...
My gf buy me dinner this time... thanks you very much!!!
This is the conveyer system to deliver food to customer.

Table full of food need to be cook!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Iswara Projector Headlight (from others)

Many readers asking me about the price of the headlight; however this is purely sharing only; I don't sell this headlight as well :P

I found this very innovative DIY on iswara headlight... the creative guy modified iswara headlight to become projector headlights using nissan A31 original headlight set... really wanna tell him u r da man!!!

Nissan A31 original headlight set

The fish eye unit from A31 headlight

The light beam cut off

Install the A31 projector aka fish eye into iswara original headlight set and fix it using fiber resin.

This is the end result; really look nice... best if has angel eyes too...

See how nice is it!!!! DIY headlight king

The light beam and shape on the finish product

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Touge with Kopinet and TougeKing

I had reading tougeking's blog for a while as really wanna meet him in person to learn touge skill from him in cameron... few days ago i had invite TK to cameron on this morning... my club saga iswara kaki... kopi msn me yesterday nite suddenly and wanna join for the touge session too... :P
I arrive at Caltex gas station early today about 9.20am as i finish my jogging and breakfast session at polo ground today... around 9.30am we saw a red color car with white stripes coming to our direction as we know he is tougeking.... TK came out from the car and shook hand with us; we chat a while then head up to cameron...
TK lead the way for uphill session.... as his 4 throttle roar n shoot up to cameron... kopi and i are struggling to follow his touge machine... kopi is faster than me during the uphill session as he able to overtake some tourist faster than me... i arrive at the check point and saw TK already park his car at the opposite road :( (i'm really slow)

We park our car at at checkpoint and chat up a while before downhill session... TK was telling about some track day preparation as i going to join my first track day next weekend...
he advised me to use some 'botak' tires for practise and learn up the turning limit of my car before switching to those grip tires...
after chat for a while then TK ask us to lead the way downhill as he wanted to observe our racing line downhill... i told kopi to lead the way as he is faster than me all the time....
after few corners suddenly i saw kopi's car start to spin... i believe he had going in to that corner too fast... during that moment i was behind kopi's car and i waited for his car spin to a direction so that i can decide to avoid hitting him... luckily kopi's car was spinning for a turn without hitting any divider and so... i park my car at road side and waiting for TK and kopi to come by... TK told us what he saw just and regret didn't put up his video shooting today... :P
We went to a shop and had some lemon juiced (it was great) and chatted a whie before we went back home...
Overall it was a fun and exciting touge with TougeKing and Kopinet today... looking forward to had more session with them.... :P

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My first blog :-)

Hi there... this is my first blog created on blog spot... although i'm not a regular blogger... but i'll try to update my blog if there is any interesting things happen around me....


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New rims, tires and absorber

Few weeks ago, I had changed my car rims, tires and absorber after using it for 4yrs since i bought my car... I went to klang to get my new set of 15inch rims and tires...
I decided to get a lightweight taiwan made rim which looks like ADR GT-sport. The rim is almost the same weight with my stock 13inch rim :P.
I choose Michelin PP2 to be my first set of tires for the new rims as i think it is a good performance tires.
Here is a photo of my car with new rims and tires... :P

Corporate Lesson

My ex-colleague sent me this one... i think it's quite true....
  1. To be sitting and doing nothing you must be sitting very, very high up.
  2. Bullshit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.
  3. Not everyone who drops shit on you is your enemy.
  4. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
  5. And when you're in deep shit,keep your mouth shut