Friday, March 28, 2008

Suzuki Swift Sport new price

Today i read the newspaper and found out Suzuki Swift Sport is having promotion.... Now it cost RM94k OTR without insurance.... a step closer to my dream car....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My New Target -Suzuki Swift Sport-

This is my next target car... Suzuki Swift Sport with M16A manual transmission. It cost 100k for this compact hatchback... But i think i only afford to buy the normal swift which cost RM71k OTR and modify the swift sport bodykit into it... :)
Got to save lots of money man....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Starting technique for Dellorto equipped engines (engine cold)

I found this secret :) yesterday morning and it really works on starting my engine cold. I never thought this is so simply to start a twin carburetor engine. I hope others can benefit from this too...
I got this info from

Some Dellortos have a cold start circuit (choke), others don't, in my experience, it is very easy to flood the engine and wet plugs using the cold start mechanism, as it very crude in operation. The accepted technique for cold starting is as follows:- Allow the float chambers to fill if you have an electric pump, this should take about 5-10 seconds, fully depress the accelerator rapidly four times, then on a light throttle, turn the engine over, if it does not start immediately, repeat the procedure three times. The engine should fire, but may need 'nursing' for a minute or two before it will idle, gentle prodding of the accelerator should keep it alive long enough for it to warm up. If the engine does not fire within three attempts, then try five or six pumps. If this does not work, depress the accelerator fully and hold it open while turning the engine over for 5 to 15 seconds, then close the accelerator and try again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Skyline GTR Tsukuba battle

Tsukuba battle between New Skyline GTR, Gallardo, 911GT3, NSX-R, and 911.

New Nissan Skyline GTR in Malaysia

Pictures from
I think this is the first white color New Nissan Skyline GTR in Malaysia.
Its a monster....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Proton BLM New Saga crash?

This morning my colleague forward me an email regarding New Proton Saga crash with a motorcycle Honda EX5. Looks how damage is the New Saga and there are not much damage on the bike. I'm not too sure this is true or not... just to share the damage of BLM when head-on collision.

There goes the bonnet and bumper

Another view

Side view - bumper gone

Honda EX5 with not much damage? I dont believe this at all...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Boring Weekend

Saturday was a boring weekend for me... I headed to TougeMotorsport and plan to give Han more time to fine tune the Dellorto but when i reach there I only realised the shop is still close.
When wanted to give Han a call, then i heard a familiar muffler sound… it was TK’s touge machine preparing to roll out… TK called Han and he said he is on his way to the shop… TK asked to me company him go to change rear tire for preparation of the Sunday Track Day.

TK’s drift tire… actually is some botak tire… hahaha…
TK really need sponsor… Hey guys... TK is a really good driver… kindly sponsor him….
After came back from tire change… the shop still close!! TK give Han another call and seems like he is busy on rescuing Zoggee’s car….
So I head back home after that and plan to pay another visit this Thursday…

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Polling day for Malaysia

8th of March 2008 is polling day for Malaysia; my father wake me up 7am and telling us to go for breakfast early and go to vote to avoid big crowd.
We reach the polling station (SM Jalan Tasek) before 8am and check for the polling room no.
My brother and I are assigned into room no. 5 and my parents are assigned into room no. 2.
I believed they had segregated the room no. by age as i noticed the most of the voters at the same room is from the same age range.
My polling room no.

We queue up in front of the polling room and wait until 8am before voters are allow to vote. This is the first time I went for voting in Malaysia as I was not registered for the last Election Day when I was away for study.

Outside of polling room

I hope the people of Malaysia choose the right person who able to lead us for the next four years. We need to stay tuned until midnight to enable us to find out the polling results.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Project Twin Carb upgrade update 3

Here is the update on my twin carburetor project. I got my car back on Saturday night but it produces lots of black smoke when I accelerate… I was upset when I drive my car back to my house and going out on Sunday… It really does not perform at all as promised….
I called up Jeya as I know TK and Han went to track day to complaint about the problem of the car… Jeya and Hong came to my house at night to collect the car and for re-tune after Han come back from track day.
Today after, I got an sms and called from TK saying that my car was ready for collect; I was happy and asked them what’s the problem on that heavy black smoke. TK told me that actually the plug cable was swapped and I’m driving with 2 cylinders car… I was shocked and they told me the car was so amazing to run using 2 cylinders only…
I got my car after work and this is the first time I can feel my car is alive again… I was really happy with the response on the car right now… Han told me it can rev up to 8000rpm if I remove the air restrictor… I would like to keep the air restrictor as I don’t want to sacrifice the low rpm power band as normal driving.
Now I would like to thanks TK, Han, Jeya and Hong for helping me to makes my project came true.
Thanks man…. You all did well….

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Project Twin Carb upgrade update 2

I left my car in the workshop yesterday for manifold installation and tuning yesterday. TK borrowed Jeya's car for me to go to work as he was not using it for the day.
Finally the manifold is been welded but it was done yesterday afternoon; Han's manage to installed it and get my car started too.
However he facing some problem during tuning on the car; I decided to pull out from the track day as I would like to get my car properly tune up and had some feel of it before I go for track.
Dellorto DHLA in my proton iswara

Dellorto roaring during tuning stage