Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heavy modded GTR34 crashed in Ipoh

Saw this news from regarding a heavily modded GTR34 crashed in Ipoh few days ago.
According to the forumer, the car was modded with Tomei RB28DETT limited edition with Garrett GT42R turbocharger and it produces about 727WHP.
It was modded last month at Sunway GT Auto and the car cost about 450k too.
What a waste of a monster car after the crash... I believe the driver can't handle the beast...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Melaka Trip

I had 4 days long holiday due to Hari Raya falls on weekends; so my friends and I decided to visit Melaka and stay over night.

The journey begins with a massive traffic on the opposite direction to North.
Shot at Nilai memorial park

At Melaka town after 1hr of traffic jam for 2km.

Jonker Walk
You see crowds everywhere hunting for Melaka good food
Many people queue up for Melaka famous Chicken rice ball

We walk up to Bukit St Paul to visit ruins of St Paul's Church
Some tombstones inside the St Paul's Church

Then we walk downhill to check out the ruins of Fort A Famosa
Take a shot of St Paul Church from Fort A Famosa
Melaka famous Satay Celup at Bukit Cina

Too many crowd so we turn away
Our friend brought us to The Jetti to had satay celup
Self service satay celup
Eyes of Malaysia from The Jetti
We had a drink at one of the cafe at the Jetti too.

We went to had Chicken rice ball at Huang Chang Chicken Rice

Uncle is busy chopping chicken - business is good especially holidays.

Our tasty chicken rice ball - very cheap also.
Had Cendol at Melaka town also
Had Satay at Ming Satay hut near Mahkota Plaza

Went back home this morning from KL with some traffic jams.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heavy loaded with my Swift

This is how it looks like when 3 adult sitting at the back on my Swift...
My colleagues decided to squeeze into my car and go for lunch just now.
With extra 250kg at least, the swift got a bit lag during acceleration and the braking power is reduce too...
Be careful when you are travelling with heavy weight on the car... :P

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team

Let's look at our 1Malaysia F1 car's color scheme...
Best of all team I believe... can scare the hell off during race day...

1Malaysia F1 Team

I don't know this is good or this is bad for us... I still remember 1st of Sep 09 when government decide to introduce RON95 with RM1.80 per liter saying the Gov need to subsides several million dollars per month... Then came out of news that we received our first submarine...
The latest is we going to have F1 team next year which going to design and run with Malaysian...
I think we are making few more people rich and famous with every Rakyat paying for them again... Proud to be Malaysian....

Read the news below:

Malaysia will have its own team in Formula One next year.
A Lotus-powered racing team, to be called the 1Malaysia F1 team, will take on giants like Ferrari, McLaren-Mercedes and Renault in the premier motorsports event next year.
The team will join Force India-Mercedes as Asia’s representatives in F1, along with old-timers like Toyota. Read the rest from TheStar

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My first payout by Nuffnang

Today I received the payout check from Nuffnang...
Although it was not a big payout but this is my payout since i start blogging on Nov 2007.
Thank you Nuffnang and I'll continue to blog....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is 09 09 09

Today is 09 09 09 a very special day.
With the date of 2009 September 09 and time of 09hrs 09min 09sec it will have 6 09 in combination.
9 in Chinese is 九 and it sound like 久 in Cantonese.
With so many 9's in this special day, Chinese people like to get marry on this date because of the good meaning of 长长久久 (long living forever).
Wishing all the couples happy marriage and may their marriage 长长久久 (long living forever).

Saturday, September 5, 2009

WD Element 320GB

Went to PC Depot Ipoh and bought WD Element 320GB portable hardisk just now.
I was planning to buy Buffalo WorkStation Lite actually but they had run out of stock.
Now I had more HDD spaces to store my documents, photos, movies, MP3 and so on....
The price is RM245
Box Shot
Out of box shot

Motion Orange SLR Swift

More photos on Motion Orange SLR Swift after last year encounter on Sunday Swift encounter
Seems like it is for sale right now...
-complete set ori swift sport front and rear bumper
-complete set ori SUNLINE bodykit
-front lips CF
-front canard CF
-front bonnet CF
-side skirt
-rear apron
-rear diffuser
-rear GT wing
-front projector head lamp ori japan
-rear swift sport rear lamp
-front brembo brake after market
-rear nissan 2 pot
-18 inch sport rims
-adjustable and many extra


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malaysia’s first submarine arrives at Pulau Indah

Proud to be Malaysia coz we had submarine now... Why you need a submarine for?
To shoot pirates? going nuclear war with other country?
Wasting all the taxpayer money only....

PORT KLANG: The Royal Malaysian Navy’s first submarine, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, arrived at KD Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, the naval base in Pulau Indah here on Thursday.
The Scorpene submarine, with 32 officers and crew members on board led by commanding officer Zulhelmey Ithnain, reached the jetty at 9.20am. Continue here....

Monster Carbon Fiber Spoiler -Sold-

Updated - SOLD-

Seller : Evan-ny
Condition: NEW
Price: Sold (limited stocks)
Dealing method: COD in klang valley area
Contact: 012-2139726 evan
017-6769876 edward

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Forged pistone for ZC31S by Monster

Step 2 kit of forged pistone for ZC31S by Monster.
Increase compression ratio to 12.2
More info at HERE