Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Kart @ Ipoh Sunway Extreme park

It's been a while from going to go kart at Ipoh Sunway Extreme park.
Yesterday went to go karting with Jimmy, Abbie, and Vincent.
Was testing out drifting instead of grip race since the track was slippery due to it was concrete track.
Everyone enjoy the go kart very much!!!

Snap 2 photos using my HTD and edit using Windows live photo gallary
Jimmy's Civic and My Swift
Latest twin seat kart

Friday, February 26, 2010

TT with SCM Perak member @ TOS Ipoh

We had a TT yesterday night at TOS at DeGardens Ipoh.
This time we had a new Yellow Swift Sport member - Robert joining the first TT.
Ipoh team got more Swift members now!!!
Photos taken with my poor phone and edited on the brightness too.
Need to get better quality photos from Kenken.

From right to left : Kenken, me, Robert, Teddy, (Syed's hiding)
Teddy's SX4 crossover, Robert's new yellow SSS
Syed, Teddy, Robert, Me and Kenken
From the other side.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Height adjustable kit for stock absorber from Tryforce

This will be released on April according to Tryforce.
Suitable for ZC31s, ZC11, ZC21, and ZC71.
Cost 58,800YEN

Front kit assembled
Front kit
Rear kit

New product for M16A from TODA Racing

Here are some new products for Swift Sport ZC31S's M16A engine from TODA Racing.

M16A High Power Profile Camshaft KIT - 150,000YEN
Even though these are re-profiled camshafts of standard ones in order to offer at low prices, there is no inferior aspect in performance at all. Intake camshaft has 4 types with 9.5mm to 9.7mm lift, and exhaust camshaft has 3 types with 8.9mm to 9.1mm lift. Camshaft KIT contains inner shim KIT;standard valve springs can not be used. Adjustable cam gear is installed to the exhaust camshaft.

M16A High Comp Forged Piston KIT - 79,000YEN
TODA head GK 86.0mm t=0.6mm ξ= 12.2:1 (Standard 11.1:1)

M16A Power Liner KIT - 190,000YEN
A displacement can be increased from standard 1,586cc to 1,884cc by enlarging bore size. The price of Power Liner KIT contains the cost of installation and special honing. (Piston KIT is not included.)

M16A High Stopper Metal Head Gasket - 30,000YEN
Thickness:0.6mm ; Bore:86.0mm

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dinner at SSTC

Had dinner with my wife at SSTC (Spaghetti Sweet Tea Cafe) just now.
This is the first time we dine at SSTC after heard some good comment from my friends.
We enjoy the food very much especially the Spaghetti Turkey Ham; it was really tasty!
Will visit SSTC in future to try out other foods...

The SSTC Interior
Another angle with lightings
The Drinks Counter
Ice Hazelnut - RM10
Special Spaghetti Turkey Ham with White sauce - RM22
Grill Chicken - RM25

TDX200E LSD by Monster Sport for ZC31S

TDX200E LSD by Monster Sport for ZC31S

Refer to the Link for more information >>TDX200E<<

CF Head Cover by Monster Sports

Engine headcover made by Carbon Fiber from Monster Sport.
Cost about 9000Yen

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My new replacement handphone - HTC Touch HD

Finally I had changed my 5yrs old Sagem My X-8 to 9 months old HTC Touch HD.
My X-8 serve me well; as I like it's bright screen and 1.3MP CCD camera with Xenon flash.
The HTC Touch HD was my first touch screen phone running with windows mobile 6.1.
My brother offer me with very great price; after test out for 3 weeks I decided to take the offer.

Full tank mileage

This is my latest full tank mileage travel from Ipoh-KL-Ipoh.

80% highway and 20% city drive.
This time I able to achieve 521km with 36liter of petrol. (Previous record was 525km)
It is about 14.5km/l with 100-120kph in average on highway.

Lunch at Sushi Zen @ The Gardens

Went to window shopping at Midvalley Megamall yesterday.
Try out the Sushi Zen at The Gardens with my wife.
Overal the food was ok; I think I still prefer Ipoh's Akamomiji...

Green Tea - Cold vs Hot RM1 each
Garlic fried rice - RM6.80
Hodaka Sushi set - RM12.80
Spicy Spider Roll - RM12.80

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Supercharger kit for Suzuki Swift

Here are some Supercharger kit for Suzuki Swift:

Suzuki Sport Supercharger
R's Racing Greddy SC
R's Racing Rotrex SC
Greddy SC
Monster Sport SC

Monday, February 8, 2010

Suzuki Swift from Swift Club SG

Feature a grey colored Swift from SCSG.
List of Bodykit Modded:
1. TM Square front bumper & lip
2. Bcrews Air-Intake scoop
3. "Project S" eye-lids
4. Shorin side skirt on Z31 original sideskirt
5. TM Square rear bumper
6. "Project S" patented front wide fender
7. Rear boot lip
8. "Project S" Spoon spoiler

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weight comparison for Swift extractor

Below is the weight comparison between ZC31, Rs Racing, and ZC21/11 extractor.
surprisingly my stock extractor is the lightest amount all; but the design is like 'deer head' and not really looks good too and it affects the exhaust flow too.
If there is a chance, I will plan to try out the ZC31 extractor.

ZC31 - Swift Sport - 5.6kg
Rs Racing 4-1 - 4.8kg
ZC21/11 - Normal Swift - 4.4kg

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monster 421 extractor for ZC31S

Finally the 421 extractor prototype had completed.
This is the new product by Monster - 421 extractor Street - Circuit or Circuit used only.

For Street or Circuit use:

For Circuit used only