Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bad touge experiance

Yesterday was a bad touge experiance for me; this is due to my friend crashed his car on the way home after touge.
We started touge for 2 rounds around 6.30pm, and the are a bit of raining before our check point. Actually I was not keen to start the touge if it is raining, but when we reach the starting checkpoint the road is dry and no raining. So we had lots of fun driving up and down from checkpoint to checkpoint.
Around 7pm we decide to go home when the sky begins to turn dark; I ask him to lead me as I can observe his racing line. The bad things happens when he was driving a little bit fast when going down even the road was wet. I was unable to give him warning to slow down as I'm only following at his back. His lost control of his car during a sharp left hand turn at the divider area; I always ask people to slow down at that corner as I know it is a really dangerous corner.
His car over steer to the left and hit the drain; and bump back to the roadside.... I was really shocked and only hope he is all right. I quickly stop at the road side and look for him; he able to walk out from his car and shout 'shit man' Luckily that he is ok.
Within 5minute a tow truck shown up (dam is it coincident or planned?) He offer to tow my friends car to his workshop but my friend decide to let his friend to tow it back to get it fix nearby his house.
Dam, it was a really bad experiance and I learn a lot of things too... I going to learn how to react during this type of situation during track day.


Vince said...

Hey Man,

I am ok. It is good experince for me. Lucky i am quite ok. But my neck seems to be a bit stiff and have trouble look up.
I guess i tore some soft tissue. I have done MRI and the result should be out. Tomorrow. Dun worry i am ok.

Koh said...

Glad to hear that you are ok... This is the first time i saw a friend of mine crash hard in front of me... really scary...