Friday, February 29, 2008

Project Twin Carburetor update

Here are some updates on my car upgrade project.
The twin carburetor had been fully serviced and pre-tuned by Han from Touge Motorsport.
Yesterday I drove my car to Touge Motorsport and prepare for the installation; however we only realized the custom made manifold has not been weld by other workshop due to some minor confirmation (time wasted).
Han dismantle the original manifold with the carburetor and modified the thermostat joint from my original manifold (involve of cutting and welding).
Han did this to my car. (hahaha)

New manifold gasket, fuel pump and some minor components are bought to prepare for this upgrade too.
Engine look without the manifold.

My CSI friend Kopinet came to visit me today and I met SR20VE Neo VVL Nissan Resort owner’ Derek as well.
Today I back to work and hopefully I can collect the car after work to prepare for Saturday track day…
Derek's baby

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