Saturday, May 17, 2008

Suzuki Swift Super 1600 JWRC Car

Just wanto to keep the info for Suzuki Swift Super 1600 JWRC Car.

All of the info are from Suzuki Motorsports.
Development started from 2004. The New Swift already shown high performance during the test. It made it's debut, earlier than it was planned, in Rally Finland 2005 August. Guy Wilks came in 3rd place in its debut. But since it is a brand new car, it did needed some time to develop, but Guy Wilks finished 2nd overall on 2005. PG Andersson, the team mate, has also shown the speed of the Swift, and finished 6th place overall.Swift Super 1600 real start is from 2006. First round of JWRC Rally Sweden, PG Andersson has achieved win. Third Round Tour de Course Urmo Aava came in 2nd place. Fourth round Rally Argentina, Guy Wilks has won with big lead. -EngineSuper 1600 has a regulation of; under 9,000rpm, compression ratio of less than 13:1, and the throttle body bore to be less than 60mm. The engine is fine tuned in this limited regulation. Power is 218ps and torque less than 19.0kg-m. This engine is at the moment said to be the best engine ever, yet with good drivability. This engine helps driver to run through the tough 300km special stages in full throttle.

-BodyshellThe potential of the rally car relies on the base part, which is the body shell. It goes under many process of analyzing, the roll cage design and fixing is determined, and even the spot welding point, welding places are determined. New Swift has very good basic design with low center gravity yet strong body shell. One car goes through about 160 hours of body work by 3 professional workers.

-Suspension/BrakeThe biggest difference from Ignis is the suspension. Swift has now got the 4 wheel independent suspension system. It will now grip more to the ground and yet absorbs the shock efficiently on any occasion. Set up needs many testing and store up many data. Brakes are 355mm on tarmac, and 300mm on gravel events.

-CockpitThings needed at the reach of the hand. Simplicity and easy to use is what is needed. Low center gravity is now completely done. There is only gear indicators in front of the driver. Shift point is given to the driver with one indicator.


hakim said...

i saw the swift super1600 has spare tyre and 4 hole rim.. do u know if this swift same as 1.3 or 1.5 swift?

Koh said...

Hi Hakim.... if not mistaken the JWRC is using the Europe 2 door version Swift... the outlook might bee the same but of coz all the internal, engine, suspension, and so are modified and strengthen...