Friday, October 16, 2009

Mom's Birthday dinner at Akamomiji

I didn't bought any present for my mom's birthday this year but I decided to take her to Japanese Restaurant for dinner.
Here are what we had....
Kinoko Salad - RM15
I think it is really tasty and this is the first time I had Japanese warm salad too.

Mekajiki, Kanpachi and Sake mixed sashimi - RM10.40 + RM17.90 + RM10.40
Kaisen Kimchee Yaki UDON - RM15.80

Kaki SSM - RM9.50 x 3

Mr. Tan recommend it today as it was really fresh oyster.

Kyuri Maki aka Cucumber maki - RM11.80
Our all time favourite.

Ebi Fried Maki - RM22.80
Very tasty also, and you should try it too.

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