Friday, January 28, 2011

RRP Racing Water Pump Pulley

RRP Racing Water Pump Pulley is developed and designed for changing the rev rate of pulley with reducing the burden of water pump. Also with reducing the rev reflection in high rev and controlling the flow speed of coolant, this product helps the cooling of radiator. Furthermore, using the duralumin material, the total weight of pulley will be lighten than the stock pulley. This affects to reduce the reflection resistance and will be able to obtain the response of acceleration and prevent from the overheating.

30% lighter than a stock water pulley !!
Stock water pump pulley (steel made) weight : 350gRRP Racing Water Pump Pulley (duralumin made) weight : 250g

RRP Racing Water Pump Pulley is used the duralumin as a material. This is very light weight like aluminum but the strength is as much as steel adopted with an airplane. We have chosen this expensive high quality material for the water pulley.

E-312 RRP Racing Water Pump Pulley 14,700JPY

Fit : ZC11, ZC21 and ZC31 Swift Sport
(Please check the pulley belt size for ZC11 and ZC21. Only fit to 5PK belt size

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