Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small TT at Ipoh

A SCM member (QuackPack) from KL came to visit Ipoh SCiM team (kenken and me) on last Sunday evening.
We had dinner at Ipoh's famous Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken restaurant.
Have a great chat with him and anticipate to meet more visitor to Ipoh too...
It's been a long time to re-visit Lou Wong
From Left to Right : QP, Kenken and My ride
Ling Mu sticker from Team Ling Mu Melaka
 Northern Swifters sticker
 RPF01 with Michelin Pilot Sport 3
 CF Hood with bonnet pin and Greddy Lips


danyboy2 said...

Hi!! I liked the last model hood, but mostly I want the hole, which brand and model is it?

Koh said...

I asked kenny.... he also not sure....

danyboy2 said...

Thanks for ask to him...!!