Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dato Sagor Circuit Track Day with 4G1S Club

Me and 2 SCM friends of mine join the Dato Sagor Circuit Track Day with 4G1S Club on last Sunday.
It was a really fun day and we enjoy the track day very much.
This time the only upgrade done from last year track day was Boss's 目 cold air intake, Advanti Sport rims and a used set of AD07 tires.

Here are some photos during the track day...
After dim sum breakfast we headed to Esso Petrol station
 Andrew checking the tire pressure
 Started our journey to Kg Gajah, it was raining lightly along the way
Our supporter M7 Swift Sport - Meng from KL
 Kenny's sweat ride equip with AD08
 Andrew's HKS Turbo Swift Sport equip with T1R
 My ride equip with AD07
 HKS Turbokit inside
 HKS Intake kit inside
 Greddy infometer and shadow throttle controller
 Mini race of the powerful rides
 Turbo SSS leading the starting lap
 My ride in action
 T1R after the track day
 I trash the AD07 too - Kenny's AD08 become slick tires :P
 Time to head home

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