Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rear water sprinkle spoiled???

I can't get my wear water sprinkle working yesterday... I tried to check on the water tank but it is still full and the water pump is functioning too...
Then I keep on spray the rear sprinkle to check where is the root cause until I heard water running sound from the rear seat. When I check on it I got shock... the water coming out from the pillar C of the driver side.
The car carpet was totally wet too... :(
I dismantle the pillar C panel and so on and found it was due to a broken plastic connector.
Got it replace with a 20cents plastic connector and tape it nicely again; but the carpet still wet... :(
Removed the pillar C panel
 Broken plastic connector between the sprinkle water hose
 20 cents plastic connector from aquarium shop
 The new connector fit nicely.

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Anonymous said...

Bad news,Get well soon.