Saturday, March 8, 2008

Polling day for Malaysia

8th of March 2008 is polling day for Malaysia; my father wake me up 7am and telling us to go for breakfast early and go to vote to avoid big crowd.
We reach the polling station (SM Jalan Tasek) before 8am and check for the polling room no.
My brother and I are assigned into room no. 5 and my parents are assigned into room no. 2.
I believed they had segregated the room no. by age as i noticed the most of the voters at the same room is from the same age range.
My polling room no.

We queue up in front of the polling room and wait until 8am before voters are allow to vote. This is the first time I went for voting in Malaysia as I was not registered for the last Election Day when I was away for study.

Outside of polling room

I hope the people of Malaysia choose the right person who able to lead us for the next four years. We need to stay tuned until midnight to enable us to find out the polling results.

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