Monday, March 17, 2008

Boring Weekend

Saturday was a boring weekend for me... I headed to TougeMotorsport and plan to give Han more time to fine tune the Dellorto but when i reach there I only realised the shop is still close.
When wanted to give Han a call, then i heard a familiar muffler sound… it was TK’s touge machine preparing to roll out… TK called Han and he said he is on his way to the shop… TK asked to me company him go to change rear tire for preparation of the Sunday Track Day.

TK’s drift tire… actually is some botak tire… hahaha…
TK really need sponsor… Hey guys... TK is a really good driver… kindly sponsor him….
After came back from tire change… the shop still close!! TK give Han another call and seems like he is busy on rescuing Zoggee’s car….
So I head back home after that and plan to pay another visit this Thursday…

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