Monday, July 13, 2009

Cameron Highland with Club Saga Iswara

Went to Cameron Highland with Club Saga Iswara member yesterday morning.
I was CSI member when i'm driving my Iswara but I still active in their thread because they are all friendly members.
This time, CSI team decide to visit Cameron Highland for gathering. We had member from Negeri Sembilan, KL and Penang join together.
They all stay there for a night while Perak member visit them on Sunday morning.
Yesteday was a rainy and cooling day; perfect for cruising uphill.

Ktxmax's black iswara aeroback with UR bar and adjustable suspension. (I had install my voltmeter on Saturday too; will share more photos soon)

Kopinet's ride with shaking wheel in front (dam scary for me)

We always had Steamboat at Cameron
Visited tea farm

Traffic was dam bad during weekend :(
Drift corner for some drifter :P

I was tired and didn't join their group photo session at Simpang Pulai.


Vince said...

He he heh he..... This is why I never go Cameron on Weekends.... Too many tourist. But for this case, the slow drive is good as it is raining. Whenever there is raining, there will always be accidents (Normally tourist going down hill and car skidded).
You go alone or with your other-half :).
Kopinet's blog was already 1 year inactive. What happen to his wheels? That is dangerous to other road user as well. IMHO :)

Koh said...

During morning there is light rain so we cruise uphill...
Evening time no raining... but many cars so we cruise downhill too...
Suspect kopinet's rim got problem... he will get it check soon...

jimmy-aka-podz said...

So syok. Can I join ah? Hahaha..

Lvin said...

Hi, can i know what's the forum add for CSI, tot of joining the club since i still own an iswara

Koh said...

Hi Lvin, you can join the chinese cari forum and also the CSI forum.
Same gang of peoples there...

Chinese Cari CSI