Saturday, April 3, 2010

Installation of Swift Sport's Monroe absorber and spring

After the Monroe rest at my house for 1 week; today it was installed into my swift.
My friend Kenny booked me a time slot with his friend Seng Lee workshop at Fahlim for the installation project.
It was not a very smooth installation as we face some problem at the rear absorber installation.
Here are some photos of the installation process.
Jack up my Swift
Front cover must be remove in order to access the top mount of the right front side absorber
Stock absorber was removed
Left side is the Swift sport spring and right side is the stock spring.
The height is almost the same but Swift sport's spring is much stiffer then the stock spring.
Swift Sport Monroe and spring installed at the front with no problem
Front Monroe was made in Poland while rear is made in Czech
Take out the rear wheel
This is the problem we faced during the rear absorber installation.
Top is the stock absorber while bottom is the Monroe.
There is a hollow tubing about 1.5inch long with bigger diameter than the absorber stroke inserted at the top part of the mounting.
The stock rubber mount was having bigger diameter than the Monroe absorber stroke arm.
I have no idea why the stock Swift rear absorber was design like this. This will be a problem if the owner wanted to swap to other brand of absorber.
The workshop owner had to ask other workshop guy to machine a hollow tubing just to hold the by the rubber mounting.
An hour wasted just to get the hollow tub machine and rear absorber was installed finally.
After I drive from the workshop back to my house; I can felt the ride is much more stiffer now, especially at the back I think. Body roll was reduced and the handling was much responsive now.
Still not very used to the stiffness yet as the stock was really soft and comfort.
Overall I like the feel very much and I think it will help me enjoy incoming the track day at Dato Sagoh.


seta_lp said...

How much you paid for Monroe absorbers?

dexter choy said...

if the sport spring pair with stock spring will the ride become no more bouncy? the stock spring n stock absorber is too bouncy already! :(

Koh said...

you can try to use monroe absorber + stock spring.... it should reduce the bouncy...

Ng Weisheng said...

your swift is zc71s?

Ng Weisheng said...

your swift model is zc71s?

Koh said...

Mine was ZC21S