Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DIY remove Suzuki Swift front bumper (CKD)

Today I taken an annual leave to renew my passport and driving license.
I also take the chances on the free time to learn how to remove my car's front bumper.

First is to remove the fog light. Just need to use a flat head screw driver and carefully take out from the side.
 Fog light cover removed
 Remove the 3 screws of the fog light assembly.
 Remove the fog light wiring. It is easier to remove the H11 bulb first.
 Then the bumper drop down.... :) Haha... sorry for the short cut as my hand was dirty removing bolts and clips.
Anyway... here are what I done... Remove 4 bolts and 2 plastic clips on top of the bumper.
Remove 3 bolts at the bottom, 2 screws at the side of the bumper. and 4 clips at each side of the lower part of the bumper.
The tough part is to slide out the bumper side holder by pushing to the front direction. You need to use some force but not to much until you break the holder.
 The side holder of the bumper - there are 4 holding latch on the top.
 Here are the holding latch of the side bumper.
 This is how it looks like when the bumper is gone
 Another angle
 This should be the temperature sensors if not mistaken.
 See how thin is our condenser - our swift having air con not cold enough during idling,
I think we may improve it by installing another fan at the front of the condenser.
 Many tiny stones hide at the fins of the condenser. So I also take this chance to remove the tiny stones and clean the condenser too.


mpbiju said...

I was searching for some infomation to remove the fog lamp.
Thanks for your time and effort to put the photos and information together.Now I am sure I can change the bulbs myself.

Keep doing something good for the community, you are above an average human.

I wish you a Very happy new year.

Koh said...

No worries.... wish you a very happy new year too...

Anonymous said...

Good share.

Anonymous said...

hi bro. can u do a pic tutorial on how to remove rear bumper? reaallyyy appreciate your help. thanks v much!

Koh said...

I didnt remove my rear bumper before... should be straight forward too...

Syed Jawad said...

i had to replace my fog lamp bulb, and i did it really easily with ur post. Thank you so much