Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dinner at Fu Tien Vegetarian Restaurant

Went to dinner with my parents at Fu Tien Vegetarian Restaurant just now.
The specialty of this vegetarian restaurant is serving vegetarian sushi...
This is the first time I try vegetarian sushi too...
Overall the food is tasty and worth to go for another times too...
The shop - located along Kizuna shop lots
The menu
The interior color with yellow and green
Seaweed - RM4.70
Tuna and Dragon (mango) Sushi - Tuna RM3.90 - Dragon - RM6.20
Close up view

Fried toufu - RM3.70
Vege tempura - RM5.00


J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog) said...

Actually Fu Tien serves rather cheap vegetarian fares, in an air-conditioned restaurant. The bento sets go for only RM5+, very economical.
But their best creations are the sushi rolls. :)

Koh said...

Yup... vegetarian sushi rolls!!!