Thursday, July 29, 2010

Suzuki Swift by Crazy Turk

Suzuki Swift by Crazy Turk; the idea was to make a Pagani Zonda and a Suzuki Swift into 1 car.


gilbert said...

Bro, I'm from Singapore, driving a swift sports. Your blog is interesting man, updated myself on a lot of the new stuff like rrp supercharger with top mount intercooler and the hks gt supercharger with front mount. I'm wondering if you guys ever meet up near jb or slightly further is fine, I drove to kl and sepang sometimes, I'll like to meet up with the Malaysia swifters once in a while. Let me know alright. Can add me at fb,

Koh said...

Hi Gilbert, nice meeting you. Thanks for liking my blog... I'm swift lover too, so I just wanna share new info found on the web...
I'm from Ipoh actually and did't drove down to JB and SGP before. But once a while I'll go down to KL.
BTW you can join our forum Swift Club Malaysia too. Once in a while we had gathering too.