Friday, February 18, 2011

RRP Reinforced Valve Spring

Latest product from R's Racing : RRP Reinforced Valve Spring
RRP Reinforced Valve Spring is designed and developed for high rev cruising without any power down and valve surging in high rev. Of course this item is corresponding to RRP High Performance Camshaft to support Suzuki Swift engine.
 [ About the affection of reinforced valve spring ]
1.Prevent valve surging in high rev (this means that a making noise and camshaft will not turn smoothly after beyond spring tension ability)
2.Measurement of metal fatigue of valve spring in high rev and also for high durability
3.Corresponding to high camshaft and big valve

Material            SWOCN-V + heat process
Volume of valve lift      Max 10mm
Corresponding to big valve and REV8500

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