Friday, February 18, 2011

RRP High Performance Camshaft

Latest product from R's Racing : RRP High Performance Camshaft
[ Camshaft Spec ]
Intake : operation angle 256 degree lift : 9.7mm
Exhaust : operation angle 248 degree lift : 9.3mm

Valve Clearance
When cold situation In 0.2mm+- 0.02mm
Ex 0.3mm+- 0.02mm

1. Machining from raw cam material
2. Phosphate coating manganese base to prevent from scuffing
3. Adjustable sprocket for exhaust cam
4. Special designed and developed for M type engine which RRP has been testing for more than 2 years.

Both Intake and exhaust camshafts are ultimate high lift design to improve the maximum torque for Swift car.

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