Friday, August 12, 2011

Dinner at Hokkaido Japanese Cuisine @ Ipoh

It's been a long time I've post up some food photos instead of cars...
Went to a quite new Japanese restaurant - Hokkaido Japanese Cuisine with my colleagues.
Overall the food was nice and worth to go again.

 Shake Sashimi - RM25
The bowl is made of ice
Philadelphia Roll - RM18
Ten Tororo Cha Soba - RM18
Gyu Jyu - RM28
Tempura and Noodle - RM18
Spider Roll - RM18

Buta Shogayaki Rice - RM18
Cucumber Roll - RM20
Garlic Fried Rice - RM6
Tori Teppanyaki - RM18
Germany Roll - RM25

From Outside of the Restaurant

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