Friday, August 5, 2011

Full tank mileage

This is my latest full tank mileage travel from Ipoh-KL-Ipoh.

70% highway and 30% city drive.
This time I able to achieve 505km with 36liter of petrol. (Best record was 525km)
It is about 14km/l with 100-120kph in average on highway.
My city drive in Ipoh was bad due to many stop and go during working hours (~10km/l)


Fixible said...

my friends 90% Highway 10%City

HAFT tank



From Thailand.

Anonymous said...

whats your SS average mileage for each full tank?

Koh said...

Fixible... good job... the temperature is very low... i think it is running more efficient too... btw if you drive 90-100kph.... should be able to achieve that.... but the speed is too slow... haha...

Anonymous... full tank mileage is depends on city or highway drive... i already post the km/l figure....

Anonymous said...

The very best I have ever managed with my swift is 710 kms for the entire tank (roughly 40 litres). However this was achieved by doing 80kph on the highway. Probably 95% highway 5% city.

Koh said...

Wow... you are the super saver!!!