Saturday, December 29, 2007

Touge with CSI member

Yesterday night I decided to touge on Saturday morning, so asked kopinet and ktxmax (Club Saga Iswara member) to join me. They are my buddy of CSI club since last year when we meet in Chinese Cari car forum.
As usual on morning i wake up early around 7.15am and went to polo ground for some morning exercise before head up to cameron.
Ktxmax arrive at the petrol station around 9.15am and take a walk around the shops before i reach after 10mins.
Take my time to snap some photo. I like his Work CR Kai (imitation rim)
After 10mins kopinet arrived too and we head to cameron straight away.
(Ktxmax, My car and Kopinet's car)
Today kopinet lead us up to the checkpoint and I was follow behind his tail as ktxmax find hard to keep up with us. I think Kopinet is really pushing his 13inch tire to the limit as I only able to follow his back only. We reach the check point and waited for ktxmax to arrive.
At the uphill checkpoint

After a break I lead them for downhill session. I was able to pull away from Kopinet after i overtake a lorry as he was block by an opposite car for overtaking. I lead all the way downhill to the checkpoint before relax my gas pedal as i know the police like to set some speed trap after the concrete divider section. We waited for ktxmax to arrive near the traffic light before we say goodbye to each other and headed home.

On the way home i saw a JPJ's own Toyota Fortuner; dam they really know how to make money!!!


Touge King said...

No video?

Koh said...

hi TK, we still not yet buy the handphone holder... how much you bought it last time and where to buy it?

BTW how to post youtube video straight into the blog? do we need html code or something?

Anonymous said...

Open youtube video page and copy the code inside 'Embed'. Paste the code in ur post. From: KT

Koh said...

Hi KT,

hehe... you was reading my blog too? Thanks for the advice... let me try it out first...

Koh said...
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