Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rear tire scratches

Today I decided not to go Touge myself as I know that there will be lots of tourists going up to cameron due to holiday seasons.
As usual I like to check my tires and rim condition every weekend to make sure it is ok. But when I checked on my rear right hand side tire; I found out that my tire wall got scratches along it!!!
Heart pain when I saw this!

Tire scratches on my new PP2 :(

Later i found out that its the clearance between the tire and fender was too close on the right side. The left side was ok and i think someone had bended it out a bit maybe during rim change last time... Shit! why no one bend it for my fender at the right side!!!
So I decided to jack up my car and knock the fender out myself. I asked my parents to sit at the back my car and tested the clearance and it was still not so ok. Then i use the hammer's back to bend the fender out a bit; and tested again... Now the fender got enough clearance for the tire walls :P
I bend the fender out a bit so that it got enough clearance even with heavy load!
So it was a trade off to use lower spring and wider tire if there are not much clearance on it... :(
I think it is due to heavy load at the back when I fetch someone also... However now the problem had been solved and i learn some lesson too... :P


Touge King said...

While it is nice to go full blast up the touge without traffic, it is also useful to practice with lots of traffic, you'll learn lots. But please, only do it when you are ready :)

Koh said...

Yes, i will try to practise more on the road before try to do those stunt :P
Hey TK, how come i unable to read your blog? My IE keep on rejecting me to visit ur blog web page...