Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bad impression on Famous Cafe

During weekends I went to a new restaurant called Famous Cafe near Tesco area (new shop lot opposite of a car saloon) for a lunch with my girlfriend.
This is the first time i really fed up and cancel the order of the food on a restaurant. This is due to I had to wait more than 45min and the food was not shown up yet!!!
I had waited 10min for my drinks to turn up. A sea coconut drink which need to take more than 10min to be prepare?
There are 7 waiter working in the restaurant around in the cafe; and their best service it to provide the menu to the customer when they sat down.
After waited for so long then I decided to cancel the order as I saw there are few more table still waiting for the food. End up I had my lunch at McD just waited for less than 5min.


Touge King said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure not to visit this shop!

Koh said...

Dont worries dude... just sharing out my feeling and comments...