Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend in KL - Swift and Polo GTI

I went to KL again during the weekend :P
My gf and I went to Sunway Pyramid this time.... and I saw my dream car Suzuki Swift at a car exibition inside the mall.
I sat on four corner of the car seat and I really like it very much.... The good side is the chair is really comfortable and have more cushion at the side; its good for touge :P.
However the down side is the head clearance of the back seat is not so spacious... I feel it is like Gen2 at the back... But anyway I don't bother much because I'm not going to sit at the back... hahaha...Another interest car encounter is the new Polo GTI; it is another powerful sport compact. Just dream of it.... its too expensive man...Went to Sri Petaling for breakfast on Sunday morning and I had claypot 'lou xu' noodle at one of the shop... according to my gf, she said this is the famous one and been appear on the astro TV show too... RM5 for the noodle and it is very delicious....

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