Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New LCD for me in the office

My manager was very kind to me.... today he ask IT guy to change my 17inch flat screen CRT monitor to Dell 19inch wide screen LCD monitor. The model is E198WFP and cost about six hundred plus RM. Now my eyes will be well protected from the radiation of conventional CRT monitor :P
Really wanna say thank you for my boss....
My new 19inch wide screen LCD (still can't stop thinking of swift sport)


Vince said...

Waa... Lucky for u lar.
I have been working there for more than 5 years still using the same CRT monitor. Dunno when can get one.... Must request la like that. :P

Koh said...

I was suprise also man.... we had 3 new LCD for the team... i also using my PC since i join this company... almost 5yrs too... the thing is i got to update my graphic card driver to make the resolution smaller... now is running 1440x900 :P